What the good man does is always right-or how to follow

What the good man does is always right- or how to follow

If he leads will you follow?

If he leads will you follow?

Leading and following are the ying and yang of ballroom dance. You cannot have one without the other. So in learning to dance for weddings, it is important to look at this unique relationship of giving and receiving information. When a couple comes to me for dance instruction, often the lady laments that she is used to leading. This creates a conflict of interest. We often get stepped on when we try to seize control and pull the man down on us.

I begin with the story of what the good man does is always right, by Anderson.

It demonstrates that right, wrong or indifferent, the follower supports the leader’s decisions.

Backseat drivers licence

Backseat drivers licence

Anderson’s story has a happy ending, and in dancing, you can have a happy ending as well. Learning to follow is like being the passenger in a car. You do not grab the steering wheel of another driver, and abstain from backseat driving without a license. Following is not about giving up control so much as it is about listening actively to your partner and taking responsibility for moving yourself where your partner is going after they go there. By doing this you can restore peace and harmony in your dance relationship, and Dance with happy feet.

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