The biggest wedding planning mistake that even planners miss, and how to avoid it.

The biggest wedding planning mistake that even planners miss, and how to avoid it.



Weddings are full of romance and adventure as you and your future Mr. set out to plan the biggest party of your life. I do not know about you, but I did not even know where to start. So I bought every resource and studied them. And they all missed this one thing- Dancing

There were no resources to let me know what dance to learn or when to start lessons.  What do I do for my first dance? What suits my skills and personality? What do I do for the Mother/Son Father/Daughter dance? These used to be part of the fabric of our society(history of wedding dance) and common skills until they were banned with alcohol during the prohibition.  So here is what I have put together.

Wedding Dance Special

4 Tips for Wedding Dance Success

  1. Talk to your fiancée and your familiesJazzy castle bride
    Talk about what you are picturing your first dance like, or your Father/ Daughter (click for more information), Mother /Son Dance (click for more information).
  2. Pick your songs
    9 months in advance.You want some time to look at meaningful lyrics or a beat that moves you. Here is a link to some of our selections. Here is a link to what to look for.
  3. Start lessons and classes
    Begin 6 months in advance. Dancing is a new physical skill and takes a lot of repetition to look relaxed doing it. On Dancing with the stars each star practices 244 hrs. Give yourself ample time to process new learning. Here is an article on dance class budget and ability.
    USA Dance Denver Ballroom champions
  4. Set realistic goals
    If you wait until the week of your wedding, keep it simple. If you want to do something creative, like dancing to two different songs edited together or the authentic “Dirty Dancing” finale dance, give yourself a 50 + hours to learn it ( I get this request at least once every year) Have fun!Now that you have the secret to dancing success, and you have practiced it to perfection, have fun! You have permission to dance with those you care the most about and enjoy the experience!
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