Fun at the Father-Daughter Dance at the Pradera

Craig & Holly from Adventures in dance were thrilled to be contracted to DJ and teach dance for the father daughter dance at the club a Pradera. Parents and their princesses paraded in to have their portrait taken.  They then dined on delicacies as we DJ’d in the background. At 6 o’clock we started with classic princess dancing , with a Viennese waltz. We then stepped it up to be more modern with the meringue. Dad’s and daughters started to get jiggy with it and the requests flew. As the night wore on, Thriller was the hot request. We then taught them how to walk like a Zombie, get rigor mortis, and how to hip pop like a Jackson.  The girls went wild, and the dads dared each other to try it. We had a great time teaching this group on Saturday night. Remember to dance with happy feet.