Hauntingly good time Saturday…

Hauntingly Good Time

Haunting melodies and marvelous costumes graced the floor at Adventures in dance Saturday Oct 23 for the first annual Dinner Dance & Death. Getting into the spirit, students and staff dressed their best and worst, getting into the characters they had chose for Happily Never After. All your favorite storybook characters gathered at the invitation of Mr. Holmes to solve the mystery of who killed Scheherazade.

Photos and fun dancing

Each character posed for a photo, then had a grand introduction with theme music. Dining over delectable delights, each character reveled leading information about each other. It unwound to a tangled confession from our practiced killer. Once the killer was put behind bars, achievements were presented. Mary Mattson & Steve Malinowski received her certificate for their Medal test. Then the teachers received their certificates for their certification. Havilah Davis, Jeremy Pyrc & Janet Jaecksch received their Jr. Associates Certification. Holly Collins received her Latin Associate. Check out the photos on the photo page for Adventures in Dance.

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