My journey to be a better dyslexic

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My journey to be a better dyslexic

I have an affinity for reading books by Malcom Gladwell, and I just finished reading his David and Goliath. In It he mentions how a large percentage of Dyslexic’s are business owners. This struck me because I am dyslexic, and a business owner.  Then I got to thinking (always a problem) how could I treat my dyslexia as a solution to teaching better, rather than a disability (that my mother swears I was cured of). So I have begun a journey to my past to make my future brighter.  I am going to expose myself and share what I have discovered in this blog series.

IMG00336-20120319-0837 baby holly with father JBI blocked much of my early life out. So when I could not recall what I had learned to compensate with my Dyslexia, I called my mom to piece together my past. As I was growing up, my mother noticed I had a preference for my left hand. She was concerned that I would have problems fitting in as a “leftie” so she proceeded to teach me to use my right hand in all things (I still use my right hand but can write with my left as well).  I struggled to read and write.

IMG00335-20120319-0836 Holly tap performance 6 yrs old

During pre-school my mother signed me up for a tap class. I had such a hard time in class trying to figure out my left from my right that I resisted practicing. We did not do that again, and my mother did not want to pay for another dance class for me again.

When I was 3 my sister was born. Where I struggled with reading and writing she learned early, had a high IQ and was in special classes for the gifted. She was proficient in reading and writing lindy16where I struggled (no wonder I blocked out those years).  It was not until the 3rd grade, that my mother pushed additional testing. I consistently failed the written spelling tests, and aced the verbal spelling tests. I had failed the dyslexia test the first time, but at my mother’s insistence was tested again, and they caught it. She then sent me to a special school that taught me coping skills. All I remember is waiting in the sandbox because I was always the last to be picked up (my father is chronically late). My mother said that she would ask me what I learned, but I was thin lipped and told her nothing.

( Stay posted for what happens next!)

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