Blast from the past, Tradition of ballroom dance at weddings, in Littleton south of Denver

Blast from the past, Tradition of ballroom dance at weddings,

Dancing like snow white

Dancing like snow white

Dancing with joy to celebrate your new life together is one of our modern wedding traditions. But where did it come from? Dating back to England in the 17th century, the first dance was led by the couple of honor to kick off the ball. Cinderella is an example of this. Prince Charming gives her the honor of starting the ball with him.

At your wedding your are the fairy tale prince and princess, the royalty of the day! The honor of

Dance like sleeping Beauty

Dance like sleeping Beauty

beginning the party is given to the Bride and Groom. Traditionally this has been a Waltz, but times have changed. I have taught some enchanting dances, and some rock the reception dances. Some people like to relive their favorite movie, like Dirty Dancing (our student Mike & Lori),

or Beauty and the Beast, while others like to start with a slow dance then break out in swing, or club moves. Each possibility is as unique as you are. All of them get your party started.

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