Learn to dance in a hurry

Learn to dance in a hurry

Often Brides and Grooms come to me and want to learn to dance in a hurry. Because dancing looks easy and

Bill & Robyn ballroom dip

Bill & Robyn ballroom dip

effortless many people believe that they can learn to ballroom or social dance in one easy lesson. I personally have not become an expert in anything without countless hours of study.I then stumbled upon this humorous song sung by Betty Hutton from 1942 that summed it all up. Arthur Murray taught me dancing in a hurry (below). Some of Betty’s lines sum up what new dancers feel. She sings, “Why or why did I ever try, when I didn’t have the talent, I didn’t have the money.” These well rhymed lines bring out the real crux of learning. It takes time and money. I personally know anyone who can walk can learn a simple dance. They may not be Fred Astaire or Arthur Murray, but simple is better than nothing.

Holly rockin Retro 1920's dance

Holly rockin Retro 1920’s dance

She later sings …“to my way of thinkin’ my dance is stinkin, I don’t know my left from my right!” Many new students of dance feel this way. When you are leaning a new physical skill, your brain may feel like it is doing twister while your feet are frozen in place. Betty sings “To me it resembles the nine day trembles,” With time and practice the neural pathways clear and you move forward and smooth out your dancing.


In the end you can’t learn to dance in a hurry. Even Arthur Murray did not learn dancing in a hurry! Give yourself time and patience and you can dance happily ever after!




Arthur Murray taught me dancing in a hurry

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