American Smooth Viennese Waltz-Popular dances for Social and Wedding Dance

American Smooth Viennese Waltz-Popular dances for Social and Wedding Dance 

When you mention Viennese Waltz, I picture elegant ball gowns and tail suits spinning around the ballroom. American Viennese waltz is full of fun interpretations of various movements. American Viennese waltz is more theatrical, leaving closed position to explore alternative holds, underarm turns and open choreography side by side. This is a truly entertaining spin about the floor.


In America the Viennese waltz rose on popularity in 1870’s. It started with the Boston introduced to America in 1834. It was subsequently banned by the puritans and other religious zealots. The Boston rose in popularity in 1870’s. It was a mark of high society to be able to Viennese waltz well. There were volumes on social etiquette for balls vs. barn dances written at that time. With the changing times, American Viennese waltz embraced the classic moves from the original minuets and form dances with side by side moves and underarm turns.

American Viennese Waltz Overview

  1. It spins around the ballroom
  2. Theatrical with underarm turns and open work side by side
  3. The Rhythm is 123,123
  4. Danced to classical to contemporary ¾ time music
  5. 159-162 beats per minute

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