How to make a swimming mermaid tail

How to make a swimming mermaid tail

wave dancer mermaid

wave dancer mermaid

My daughter has always loved to swim. So much so that her nickname in High School was Turtle. This year my daughter decided she wanted a mermaid tail to swim in. After looking online, I decided it would be best if I made her one. Once I put it together, I decided to share what I have found. Happy swimming!


  1. Pattern or butcher paper
  2. Chalk
  3. Approximately 2 yds. Of stretch or swim fabric,
  4. A monon swim fin
  5. A package of waistband elastic
  6. A bikini pattern
  7. Optional fringe for the tail, and cups for the bikini top.


  1. Wave dancer Turtle the Mermaid as a catfish

    Wave dancer Turtle the Mermaid as a catfish

    Lay out your paper and trace a pattern from your waist to you ankle, then cut it out. Do the same for your mono fin.

  2. Lay out your fabric doubled over, place your pattern over it, then cut 2 of your body pattern and mono fin pattern.
  3. Place right sides together and sew the side seams of your tail together. Do the same for your mono fin, leaving the top and bottom open. Then with right sides together, sew the mono fin fabric to the tail fabric at the ankles.
  4. Using a zig zag or stretch stich, sew your elastic to the waistband of your tail, then turn to the inside and tack in place.
  5. Follow the directions on your bikini pattern to make your matching swimsuit.
  6. Try it on to be sure it fits! I slipped both ankles in first, and pulled the tail up to my waist. Then I flipped the flipper piece up, slipped on the mono fin, then flipped the fabric back over the fin and secured it at the corners.
  7. Take it for a swim! Then you can acquire your own fin club and have fun wave dancing!

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