Peabody-Popular dances for Social and Wedding Dance

Peabody-Popular dances for Social and Wedding Danceretro ballroom dancers

The Peabody, a corny little ragtime dance, can be a fun addition to any dance repertoire.  Just picture an evening jaunt out in the period suit, derby hat and ladies long gown. This fun little one-step can adapt well for social dance. Take it for a spin at any wedding or social occasion.


This jaunty dance descended from the foxtrot, came on to the dance scene in 1915 New York. Some say it was named after the Peabody club where it was made popular. Most believe it was named after a beloved New York police officer Lt. Peabody, who frequented the jazz clubs of the day. Due to his girth, it was danced in a right side position with the steps taken outside partner. The Peabody is danced to 4/4 time music at a rate of 240-248 beats per minute, stepping on each beat making it a one-step. The first Peabody competition was at the Casa Del Rey in 1934.  From there it one-stepped its way into the American smooth competition dances. The Peabody is not as popular as it once was, but it lends itself well to improvisation.

Peabody Overview:

  1. A corny little ragtime dance
  2. from New York 1915
  3. 4/4 time music at 96-104 beats per minute
  4. A one step
  5. The basic Rhythm is 1,2,3,4
  6. A Jaunty dance descended from the foxtrot
  7. made popular by beloved New York police officer Lt. Peabody

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