The shocking truth about your search for wedding waltz songs

The shocking truth about your search for wedding waltz songs

I have taught Brides and Grooms to dance for their weddings for 30 yrs. Over the years I have always been puzzled when a couple calls me for a lesson for a wedding waltz, and their song is definitely not a waltz. I just figured that they did not have the same degree in music that I had and moved on. It was not until I asked one of my clients to look up songs for their waltz that I became very suspicious. They came in with numerous songs in 4/4 time, not in a waltz ¾ time. I then conducted an online search myself, and I was shocked by what I found.

I did my search for wedding waltz music (or songs) and realized that many of the experts posting lists did not know the difference between a slow waltz, a Viennese Waltz or a ballad. They were posting an odd assortment of slow songs in various meters. I came to the realization that many a couple is being led astray by poor information.

Here are my tips for finding a good wedding waltz song.

  1. All Waltzes are in ¾ time (three beats per measure with a [Boom-Chuck-Chuck] beat not 4/4 time [Boom-Chuck- Boom-Chuck].
  2. Next, determine what speed of waltz you want:
  3. If you want a Viennese Waltz (very fast waltz at 160-180 beats per minute) ( think Snow white, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella , Beauty and the Beast)
    Can I have this dance


  1. slow Waltz (a walking tempo at 84 to 90 beats per minute). Like Richard Geer Shall we dance


Here is my list of tested and approved Wedding Waltz Songs.

Slow Waltz:

Here we go – Solid w/Seamus Blake

If I knew then – Lady Antebellum

Come Away with me – Nora Jones

True Love- the styles

If you don’t know me by now-Simply Red

You Light up my life – Debbie Boon

Play Me-Neil Diamond

Enchantment – Chris Spheeris

Three times a Lady-Commodores

Fascination-Nat King Cole

Take it to the limit- Eagles

Could I have this dance (for the rest of my life) – Ann Murrary

Open Arms – Journey, and by Mariah Carey

When I need you –

Enrichez-Vouz – Amarillis

Husbands and Wives- Neil Diamond

Don’t you know – Della Reese

Melody of love- Frank Sinatra

On the Way to the Sky – Neil Diamond

Under the bridges of Paris- Mask

The Godfather Waltz- The Sicilian

Rainbow Connection- Kermit or the Toners

Dark Waltz- Haley Westenra

Nevell’s Waltz- Harry potter

International & American Viennese Waltz Songs (Fast Waltz):

Gravity –  John Mayer

Edward Scissorhand – Danny Elfman

You and me(wedding version) – Lifehouse

Never Tear us apart b- INXS

When I need you – Celine Dion

A Thousand Years – Christina Perri

Annie’s Song – John Denver

That’s Amore-Dean Martin

Have you ever Really Loved A Woman-Bryan Adams

Once upon a dream- Lana Del Rey

Once upon a Dream – Bill Shirley/ Mary Costa

It’s in the rain- Enya

A beautiful Mess – Jason Marz

Kiss from a rose- Seal

You and Me-Lifehouse

Years from now- DR. Hook

Les Valses de Vienne- Luigi Stephensen

time in a bottle-Jim Croce

Breakaway- Kelly Clarkson

Le Festin – Camille

Can I have this dance- High school musical

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2 thoughts on “The shocking truth about your search for wedding waltz songs

  • Thank you!

    I was wondering if I was getting early-onset senility. I was trying to come up with some ideas last evening with my bride-to-be, who ‘ain’t got rhythm,’ as they say. So many “DJs” websites list songs that are NOT waltzes in their e.g.: “Wedding Waltz Songs” lists. Obviously there’s no requirement for a DJ to have any kind of musical training, or to check the accuracy of what they post on the Interweb.


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