8 Wedding Traditions on Holly’s hot wedding tips

8 Wedding Traditions on Holly’s hot wedding tipswhite Adventures in Dance


Have you ever wondered where some of our traditions come from? I did. I feel it adds an additional depth to any event to know the background of a tradition. Then I can decide what meaning it has for me, or if I want to include it. So I looked up 8 of the most common wedding traditions. They vary from why brides wear a veil to carrying the bride over the threshold.

Tradition of the bridal Veil:
The veil is a beautiful wedding accessory. One tradition is that the veil was a protection against evil spirits. Other traditions are that the veil was to hide the bride’s identity from kidnappers, or from the groom.

Tradition of giving the bride away:
This is now a father’s last embrace as he gives his little girl away to the new man of her life. It was originally a guarantee that she made it

wedding garter traditon

wedding garter tradition

down the aisle.

Tradition of the garter toss:
A lovely giveaway to your single men, the garter toss developed to keep overly intoxicated guests from removing pieces of the brides dress as a keepsake.

Tradition of the Bouquet toss:
A beautiful gift tossed to your single guests. It used to be thought to bring good luck to your guests if they tore a piece of the bride’s gown off. So to remain intact, the tradition of removable pieces that were tossed to guests developed.

wedding dancers

wedding dancers

Tradition of the Frist dance:
The first dance is to honor the newlywed couple and  signaling the beginning of the party.

Tradition of the Father Daughter dance:
This dance is to show respect for all that your father has done and give him one last embrace.

Tradition of the Mother Son Dance:
This dance is for the son to show his appreciation for all that his mother has done for him.


Tradition of carrying the bride over the threshold:
It is fun to be swept by your spouse over the threshold and into a new life. But it began as a way to eliminate evil spirits from a new life.

What is your favorite tradition? Leave a comment below.

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