Merengue-A Popular Social and Wedding Dance

Merengue-A Popular Social and Wedding DanceWilliam Denver Dance Jam

The Merengue is a fun and easy Latin one step. This is a popular dance at the local clubs in Denver, like Los Cabos, and La Rumba. This fun little dance from the Dominican Republic can liven up any event.


The name Merengue can refer to the sugary treat made with whipped eggs, or the dance. Both are a real treat. The Merengue originated in Haiti and the Dominican Republic, and is the national dance of the Dominican Republic.  It is said to have begun with the slaves to the Dominican Republic in 1898. The rumor from Haiti is that it was based on the action of the shackled slaves as they kept cadence with their music. In the Dominican Republic the legend is that they did not want to embarrass their beloved prince/general who was injured and danced with a limp, so everyone danced the same way. What we know for sure is that it came to America in the 1950’s.


Merengue is danced with a dominant left foot lead and pronounced Cuban motion. It is danced with small steps in a closed dance position to fast music. The music is usually in 2/4 time at a rate of 120-160 beats per minute. This is a fun and easy one step dance that is all the rage at the salsa clubs.


  1. This is a fun and easy dance
  2. popular Latin dance at the local clubs
  3. pronounced Cuban motion
  4. danced with small steps
  5. 2/4 time music
  6. 120-160 beats per minute.
  7. a real treat

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