Relationship tips on Holly’s hot wedding tips

Relationship tips on Holly’s hot wedding tips

Wedding candles

Wedding candles

What makes a marriage last? As I teach many couples to dance for their wedding, I often think about what is the secret sauce to a successful marriage. In my interview with Ruth & Jim Sharon from Soulful Couples to find the hottest relationship tips, here is what I discovered.

Stress release-As the stress of your wedding builds, take care of yourself. Do things that are going to enhance the beauty of your relationship so you don’t feel pressured. Take breaks, go to a beautiful location and have a date by a lake and talk.

Have a healthy relationship– Relationships have cycles. Learn the skills to deal with the recurring issues in relationship cycles. Speak in a way that the other person hears you, and really listens so the other person knows you understand them. When couples get on the same page and agree with one another about how they’re going to handle conflicts this becomes the best projector for marriage longevity.

Know your Life-style– What is important to you? What are your core values? What do we stand for? What’s our mission statement of our relationship? Are you more introverted or are you more extraverted? Do you like a lot of business or do you like a quieter lifestyle. What do you like? We have these little circles, there’s the “you” and the “me.” What kind of “us” do we want? How much overlap?

If you want more information you can contact Ruth & Jim Sharon – 303-796-7004 Energy for Life and Soulful Couples

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