Wedding etiquette boot camp – On Holly’s Hot Wedding Tips!

Wedding etiquette boot camp – On Holly’s Hot Wedding Tips!

Wedding etiquette boot camp

Wedding etiquette boot camp

I’ve gotten to meet so many interesting people on my hot wedding tips. Recently I met with Anthonette Klinkerman from Courtesy Boot Camp to discover her top etiquette tips for weddings. Her hot tips are:

Wedding tip #1 – Get some marriage counseling.
Find out if you will be compatible with your spouse for the rest of your life.

Wedding tip #2– Don’t alienate you friends and Family. Destination weddings are cool, but hard on the wallet. Many friends and family members can potentially feel left out because they cannot afford to join you on your destination wedding. A good alternative is to do a local reception for friends and family close to home.

Etiquette tips

  1. Send out save the date cards a year in advance:
    It is particularly polite to out of state guests who have to make travel arrangements.
  2. Send out your invitations in a timely manner:
    Be sure they are sent no less than 6 weeks in advance.
  3. Guests, remember to send those response cards immediately.
  4. Be on time:
    From the organizers to the guests, this allows the timeline to proceed seamlessly.
  5. Best Behavior tip- no open bar:
    Most guests will moderate their alcohol consumption if they have to pay for it. When you combine endless alcohol and family tensions it increases the likelihood that a conflict with arise. Put out a bottle of wine at each table, or have a champagne pour. You can still celebrate without the drama.
  6. Don’t sweat the small stuff:
    Example: It is more important that you have people sitting in your chairs than what you have covering your chairs.
  7. Have a day of planner/coordinator:
    Hire a professional or ask a friend or family to coordinate you wedding day. They can take care of all the little emergencies that come up so you can enjoy your wedding.
  8. De-stress as a couple:
    Weddings bring up many different kinds of stresses. Get out to exercise together so you can release built up tensions.  Walk, work out, or go dancing together.
  9. Communicate:
    Make time to talk to each other about expectations. When you are clear on what you expect, you can avoid conflict.
  10. Delegate:
    Divide up what needs to get done between the two of you, then get together to check off your successes. Let the groom do the price shopping on florists and favors. With everyone involved you can accomplish so much more.

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