Stress tips for brides before their wedding-on Holly’s hot wedding tips

Stress tips for brides before their weddingon Holly’s hot wedding tips

Planning your wedding can cause you joy, and stress. Acknowledging that you have a variety of people to interact with can help you achieve your goals. I met with Stacy Mackey, a relationship coach, to reveal her tips on how to release the pressure when under stress.

It’s so easy to get caught up in all the little things about you for the wedding that you forget about others. This alone can cause loads of unnecessary stress for both you and your family. Take a moment and go enjoy your family and friends while they are there. Using your wedding or stress as an excuse to not enjoy the company of others is a sure way to create unwanted conflict and bad mojo on your big day. Especially with your groom. So ladies when you have a bad day, take a breath, step back and cool down before jumping headfirst into something that wouldn’t help you or anyone else be happy for you.

What don’t couples know about a relationship coach that they need to know as they’re getting ready for their wedding? Stacy’s primary role is as a coach is to bring an awareness and sometimes even shift their perspective ever so slightly that can then open up a whole new world. So she can repaint the picture for them. Just tweaking the behavior or reaction so that bump in the relationship is now smooth and you’re experiencing flow between each other so everything is good again.

Are there special techniques to do in the heat of the moment? It’s real simple, when you start to feel the static and crunchiness (really angry) it’s best to stop and breathe and energetically or physically step away and then dial back into you. A time out before you do more damage. That you can take that step back take a breath just kind of breaks the crunch right there. And then you can continue moving, you can analyze things in a better way and come back at it with a positive.

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Thank you Stacy Mackey, relationship coach at 720-539-1589

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