Picking the perfect Veil with Veil-ique

Picking the perfect Veil with Veil-iquepicking wedding veil

I was at the Rocky mountain bridal show and stumbled upon the most unique wedding veils at Veil-ique. After being enchanted by the one of a kind toppers and veils, I asked Lisa Malabad to come down and do an interview on bridal Veils.

Some of Lisa’s how topper tips are:

  1. Show off your style- pick something that fits your vision for your wedding even if it is not traditional. Unique veils can even include veils designed for bikers.
  2. Purchase your dress and work with your hairdresser on your hair style before purchasing or designing your veil.
  3. Think about if you want to wear your veil all night, or just for the ceremony. A good question to ask yourself is if your veil reception or party ready.
  4. Can your veil be repurposed for something else, like a shawl, or an ornate topper that can be used for Derby day celebrations.
  5. For an ornate dress wear a simple veil
  6. For a simple dress, have an ornate headpiece.
  7. Tiara’s are paired well with detachable veils
  8. Showcase you wedding theme with Toppers and headpieces designed for the whole wedding party.


12 types of bridal veils:

  1. Blusher length Veil, which covers the bride’s face and has no back length (note that sometimes this type of veil is attached to other veils, but by itself is the only one that comes forwards to cover the bride’s face);
  2. Bouffant length Veil, which hits at the tip of the bride’s shoulders;
  3. Shoulder length Veil, which sits in line with the bride’s shoulder blades;
  4. Elbow length Veil;
  5. Waist length Veil;
  6. Fingertip length Veil;
  7. Knee length Veil;
  8. Waltz length Veil, which brushes the floor;
  9. Chapel length Veil, which usually matches the length of the train of the bride’s gown;
  10. Cathedral length Veil, which is usually 144 inches long;
  11. Royal length Veil, which is usually 180 inches long;
  12. Detachable length Veil, which allows a bride to remove part of the veil after the ceremony.

Thank you Lisa Malabad with Veil-ique, you can contact her at lisam@veil-ique.com , 303-618-1095, Exquisitely Topped Off http://www.veil-ique.com/ Located in Parker, CO


Full Transcript:

Holly: So glad you came down from veil-tique! What inspired you to start your veil business?
Lisa: Well, I have always been a hat person. A lot of people get excited about their shoes or the outfits for me it’s always been about what goes on your head. One of the things I noticed at a lot of the bridal shows is that there wasn’t a lot of attention on the brides head. And I thought I know for myself I would want something just focused on that and I would pay attention to that. So we started doing some market research and we started building the business and just said, “these are all the fun things that we like.” And started asking some of the brides what are things that they like to see. So we’ve just been building it from there, it’s a really young business, we have two family businesses all about the hats.
Holly: Well wonderful! And you have these really unique toppers! Tell me about how you designed these?
Lisa: So what we do, and these are mini toppers, and these are great for bridal parties or even receptions. What we do for these is we build them up and typically we have a host of ones we have that we just make and then we get custom orders where people say hey I’ve got a real special locket that I want on it I’ve got a real special signature thing like a butterfly, dragonfly, some kind of bird, a flower. So we make sure that we incorporate that into their hat. Or some of the bridal parties actually like themes so they had a Hawaiian theme for their bridal party so we did little mini toppers but they had a little beach theme to them with shells and stuff like that so we customize those.
Holly: Because this is really beautiful with your bride and groom we have Cinderella’s slippers on here, we have the gloves, the “I do” necklace, and a little dress on the back, as well as your big peacock on the front. Or is that a partridge?
Lisa: It’s a partridge and there’s the just married on the top.
Holly: That’s just amazing, how fun is that? What kinds of mistakes do you see brides making when purchasing headwear for their wedding?
Lisa: I think the biggest thing that happens is they’ll get excited about a veil or another headpiece and they haven’t yet bought their gown and they don’t exactly know how they’re gonna wear their hair, and that’s two things that they absolutely want to make sure that they have first. Because then they can make it match and compliment what they’re doing.
Holly: What the best tip you have for a bride when considering headwear?
Lisa: Don’t get stuck with any rules. So even I have kinda guidelines.
Holly: What are your guidelines?
Lisa: Well say your dress is very ornate, has a lot of bead work and everything, you don’t want a real busy veil, you want something very elegant, a little bit plain maybe with some lace around the edging so it doesn’t take away from that. But there’s historical traditions on that like of you have a princess dress that you should have this length veil. So my tip for them is, do what you want. It’s your day, you’re not getting paid by a magazine or a fashion anybody to wear something a certain way. It’s your day make it exactly what you want. If you get a big kick out of tiara’s then do a tiara.
Holly: You have a beautiful tiara right here with the different kinds of beading in it, very lovely.
Lisa: We do have a lot of tiara’s because we combine them with our veils so we do something really long and simple and it just goes over it for the ceremony. Then they can either leave it for the reception or they can put it in half and they can just customize it. So we do a lot of, what we like to encourage brides to do is different combinations of things.
Holly: That’s great! What questions should brides ask that they don’t know to ask about veils and headwear?
Lisa: What is the longevity? So is this something that’s going to be comfortable for the ceremony AND the reception? Or is this something more for show that hey it’s do-able for an hour, because there are headpieces and veils especially the really long cathedral veils the ones that get real heavy, so they should be thinking about the whole event rate and can I switch it to reception appropriate.
Holly: Right. Party appropriate. I want party appropriate headwear so it doesn’t get in my way.
Lisa: That’s right, another question they can ask is, is there any other use for this? So as you can see this is a veil. So this top hat has a veil attached to it which actually can be ceremony, but this veil can be taken off and can actually be used as a shawl.
Holly: Really it becomes a shawl later, now nice is that? So those are the kinds of things that you think about right? What can you do so it’s not a onetime event and this thing that I really liked I can see again.
Lisa: Like a derby day party for this.
Holly: That would be a great derby day piece afterwards.
What is the most unusual request for wedding headwear that you’ve ever had?
Lisa: We actually just recently got that. So there is a rally that happens every year in Sturgis it’s a motorcycle rally.
Lisa: Ok, ok so this year is the 75th. Wow. So it’s a big one they’re expecting 1.2 million people and some of the areas are actually performing weddings a lot of people actually get married. Married at the Sturgis motorcycle rally wow! But we just recently had two young ladies who are getting married in Sturgis who both requested that we make them motorcycle appropriate veils. Two very different requests, one wants a veil that works into an antique headband, and one wants a veil that is kind of over the head but wants black trim lace.
Holly: Oh how fun!
Lisa: And both of them said that the only thing that they would require is that it doesn’t go below where it would get to the motorcycle.
Holly: How wonderful that is so totally unique.
So we’re gonna do some veils for the bike weddings up in Sturgis this year.
Holly: Well good! That it truly unique. Thank you again that was so good Lisa way to go!

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