Catering tips for weddings on Holly’s hot wedding tips.

Catering tips for weddings on Holly’s hot wedding tips.

Catering is one of the essential elements of a wedding. And a good caterer can make your event a taste sensation. I met with Lisa Clark from a Wild Time caterings to hear her hot catering tips. Here is what Lisa had to say.

Tip 1 – Plan your wedding for yourself. “Too many cooks spoil the soup”, or having too many opinions on what to do can confuse your vision for your wedding. Plan around your vision for your wedding.

Tip 2 – Keep track of the little expenses. It is easy to budget for the big things like your reception hall, Caterer, and photographer. So sometimes the small expects like hair & makeup sneak up on you. Make a list of the small things that you find on Pinterest and price them out.

Tip 3 – When booking a caterer, check all your fees. First you have the cost per plate, or person, then ask if there is a fee for operation, service, taxes, and any rentals. Is there a cake cutting or champagne pour fee? These all add up. When you know what all your fees are, you can put together a real picture of the total bill.

Tip 4 – When ordering your menu, ask what the protein size will be. You don’t want to run out of food at your reception

Tip 5 – Make sure you get along with your vendors. You will be spending a lot of time with each one of them as you plan your wedding, so be sure you get along well. It is important that your vision is shared and that it is reflected in each aspect of your wedding.

Thank you so much to Lisa Clark from A Wild Thyme LLC Catering, 303-517-5413 Check out the video with the complete interview below.



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