6 tips to pick your wedding photographer – on Holly’s hot wedding tips

6 tips to pick your wedding photographer – on Holly’s hot wedding tips

wedding photographer

wedding photographer

Pictures capture your moments forever. And your wedding is an event worth remembering. So I interviewed the husband wife team of Janelle and Johnathan from Click and Pedal photography for their top tips.

6 Tips to pick your perfect photographer:

  1. Invest in your photos. You will get what you pay for, and this is a onetime event.
  2. Ask to see all the wedding photos. The album only holds the top 30. Look at the complete roll of photos. Look for the consistency of their photos across the whole event.
  3. Make sure you like your photographer. You will be working very close with them all during your wedding day. Ask if they can operate like a ninja- always there, but not noticed.
  4. Use the engagement session to see if you like how they shoot you.
  5. Ask if they can work with and without a flash. (some locations do not allow flash)
  6. Ask if they can provide a photo booth experience at your reception.

3 post wedding photo tips.

  1. Ask the photographer to take a picture at the receiving line with the bride and groom with each guest. These can be sent after the wedding as thank you photos.
  2. Ask the photographer to take shots at each family table with the bride and groom.
  3. Ask about photo album options. Do they have brag books, or parent albums?

Thank you to Jonathan & Janelle Moore for sharing your wealth of knowledge. You can contact them at Click and Pedal photography, 303-877-9824, info@clickandpedal.com www.clickandpedal.com . The complete transcript is included below.

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(Hollyà) Hi, so good to have you today on Holly’s hot wedding tips. So tell me about your photography business. (Other à) We are a husband and wife team based out of Denver, we’re on the 16th street mall and we’ve officially been in business 2 years as of May. And we started our own business because we had a bad experience with a wedding photographer. (Hollyà) Did you really? What happened? (Other à) It took almost 4 years to get our wedding pictures, (Hollyà) 4 years?! That’s amazing. (Other à) We just recently got them and when we met with her we went to her home and she showed us all these beautiful albums and we were overwhelmed with how beautiful these albums were, we just couldn’t believe it so we paid her right then and there. We were like, “yes absolutely we want you to do our wedding. So our wedding comes and she, what we think is happening is, she’s taking pictures and we think it’s great. So she posts them online within a reasonable time after the wedding and we look at them and they’re not what we saw in those albums. I’m like, whoa, where are the pictures we saw? It didn’t even come close to what we were shown. And we got married at a beautiful venue the tapestry house up in Fort Collins. So it’s not like what you see on Pinterest where it’s a Pinterest fail where you have an expectation that you want it to be one way but your budget only allows for it to look one way. That was not it at all the venue was very beautiful all the details were very thought out and the pictures just looked terrible. So at least we have them now and we were really upset about it and he always liked photography so we decided let’s start it as a hobby and we used our wedding money to invest in kinda getting going and when we decided to make it full time we sold all that gear and re-invested our savings and here we are. (Holly à) Well great that’s fabulous. What kind of mistakes do you see couples making when they’re working with their wedding photography? How can they avoid this fail that you had. (Other à) I think the biggest thing they can do to avoid our fail is, not to just see the images in an album. They need to see the full wedding, all 500 pictures of whatever is delivered they need to see all of that and not just the photographers favorite 30 images that were picked for this album. And another thing that we’ve learned is that when we ordered albums for our clients we can order samples so we can see how the album looks or feels so when we order it we know what the quality is. Well, we’ve learned in this business that we can order albums that you can present to a client and be like, “Holly look at my beautiful work” has no water mark, has nothing on it and so the client would never know that that is not your work. So you can rent them for 2 weeks and then return them to the manufacturer (Holly à) So it wouldn’t even be your work. (Other à) Right, so you would have no idea if you have a photographer that’s just getting started and they believe that they can produce this quality of work when in reality that may not be the case they may not be at that level yet. So our biggest tip is definitely when you meet with your wedding photographer you absolutely need to see an entire wedding. Every photo. You need to see consistency throughout that’s the major thing not just some stage shot here and there of different scenes I think you need to see a consistence showing of everything. You need to see everything from if the church is really dimly lit you need to make sure your photographer has the gear to provide you with beautiful images and no flash photography, because many churches do not allow it. So you need to make sure that you see, that you want. (Holly à) Excellent that great! What is the best tip you have for a couple planning a wedding? (Other à)I would say if we have to do it again we should do it because we want good pictures. We spent some money on stuff that I can’t even remember the details about so, I remember the food was delicious but I can’t remember what we had. I wish we had put a little bit more thought into the photographer that we had chosen. But we were not educated about it, we never went online about it we really didn’t know and when we met with photographers who were like “Our price is $5,000 dollars” and we were like no we aren’t even gonna. So we went with our price range but I think if you’re gonna go within your price range you really have to do your homework. (Holly à) Great. What don’t couples know about photography that they need to know? (Other à) I think a lot of brides, with social media they all want it on digital files which is great. Because then your like I have them and everything but, like for us we have a cd and as photographers this is so bad. We have not even printed one photo. So we went on and on we had to have the digital files and we have none hanging. (Hollyà) I will say for ours we actually got the nice album and 2 parent albums which we would give to my family and my husband’s family and that was part of the package we did when we did our wedding. So I thought that was a fabulous way to go. Another cool tip that had come to me through a card company was to make sure that in the receiving line the photographer takes photos of everyone and then send that image in your thank you’s as your gift back to your guests. (Other à) that’s a really nice gift. That is a great idea. And I think I’ve seen that now more frequently with the photo booth , where they’ll send them to photo booths or they’ll actually do table shots with the bride and groom standing around them. Then it’s them it’s vibrant with them and the bride and it’s a nice gift. (Hollyà) What’s your best piece of advice for a couple planning a wedding? (Other à) I would say from my experience from what we’ve seen and what we deliver to our clients I would say our biggest piece of advice is to make sure you click with your photographer. Your photographer is not just somebody getting a paycheck from you. That you connect with them on a personal level, that you actually want them to be with you on your wedding day. When we shoot, we’re kinda like ninja’s you kinda don’t know that we’re there but in reality we are with you all day long. So we have to make sure that not only do you like our work but we’re the right fit. (Holly à) How often do you meet with your brides and grooms to make sure your personalities fit well to make sure you’re gonna give them what they’re looking for? (Other à) We always do a consultation beforehand so we’ll get emails and calls that they want to book but we always invite them to our home and studio and we want them to see our work and feel the album and see the work that we have on the walls. We don’t have our pictures on the walls we have other couples. But even after the consultation we go further and say let’s have an engagement session we want to spend a decent amount of time just to get to know them, we’ll even go out to have coffee and just keep establishing a better relationship even before the wedding happens. It breaks the ice down and we know their back story even, how they got engaged, through the entire process. (Holly à) What’s the most unusual wedding you’ve ever done? (Other à) Um I think we had that this past weekend. So we kinda have a role, we offer the photo booth with our weddings if they choose to have that. (Holly à) Really? That’s fun so you have the photo booth and the roving photographers. (Other à) We do, so we have a photo booth but we usually only offer it if we’re shooting the wedding. Just because we can’t really focus on the photo booth and miss out on the opportunity on shooting the wedding. So I told this bride call us a month before the wedding and I’ll let you know. So she did it and it worked out so it was unusual for us because we were just sitting running our photo booth observing another photographer. So for us it was unusual because we were like oh here’s what we do or what have we learned from them? And we just kinda sat there and watched, so that was pretty unusual for us but we haven’t had any instances where crazy things happened except for the piniata. (Holly à) You had a piñata? Let’s hear about the piñata. (Other à) We had a bride and groom and I just loved them, they had a big bird piñata at their wedding last summer, and they had a ceiling like this where it’s the floating. Well they decided to hook the piñata to the ceiling with a little metal hook, with an extension cord, and it brought the entire ceiling down. (Holly à) Moral of the story is don’t hang your piñata from your floating ceilings. (Other à) Other than that they’ve all been unique and special in their own way. (Holly à) Which one was the most memorable for you? (Other à) Well we got married at the tapestry house so any time we’re there it’s really special to us because it brings everything full circle. We had a bad experience but now we’re giving a bride and groom something that we don’t have we will never have that day back. (Holly à) So you’re making sure that all the details that you hit are taken care of at that location. (Other à) So whenever we shoot there it’s very very special to us the very first time I did cry during the ceremony because it’s just like a wow moment where we are this is what we wanted to do. (Hollyà) Well cool. Tell me about your assistant here, we put him to sleep, we bored him to death. (Other à) Well this is (piper?) and he just had his first birthday. He looks grumpy, hi dear! He goes on photo shoots with us. He kinda keeps the spirits light and if there’s a family issue or anything else they toy with him. When we’re editing pictures we put his bed on the desk and he just sits there and watches. (Hollyà) Well thank you so much and give me the name of your photo company again? (Other à) Click and petal photography