7 planning guide tips and 3 wedding mistakes on Holly’s Hot Wedding Tips

7 planning guide tips and 3 wedding mistakes On Holly’s Hot Wedding Tips

Wedding candles

Wedding candles


I was at a meeting the other day and ran into Aimee from Wedding sites and Services. While talking I realized she had great information to share with brides. So I asked her out to share her knowledge on my wedding tips.

7 Tips to using Wedding Sites and Services guide:

  1. Wedding Sites and Services (WSS) is the #1 event resource guide – It is free of editorial articles so you have the most room for event experts.
  2. You can use WSS to plan all types of events – Weddings, Anniversary parties, Birthday parties, Corporate events, Bar mitzvahs and Bat mitzvahs.
  3. WSS includes an event planning guide – Part of the guide includes questions to ask your wedding professionals about their services at the end of each section.
  4. WSS also has designer wedding tools on their website- Aimee describes this as ‘our version of Pinterest’. You will find thousands and thousands of pictures from our Colorado weddings. You will be able to get those beautiful things that they see from our local venders.
  5. WSS includes a list of all the bridal shows throughout the year– So you can meet face to face with local vendors. So if you are looking to go to something looking to go to an open house for a venue they’re going to find that on there.
  6. Extra Expert tips – Aimee also explained we have a great features for blogs, articles, and press releases from all of our venders, and we’re constantly sharing the information that our venders have to provide.
  7. Facebook – The Wedding Sites and Services Facebook page always has promotions going on.


3 Common wedding mistakes:

Holly and Craig at their wedding

Holly and Craig at their wedding

  1. Hiring friends and family-
    When you ask your friends or family members to handle major parts of you wedding like DJ’ing, photography, floral arrangements, being the day of wedding planner. By doing this you take them away from celebrating with you because they have a job during your event. They miss out on sharing your most special moments with you.
    Solution– Hire professionals to work the essentials at your wedding so your family and friends can be guests
  2. Starting you planning process to late
    Most people have buy lives, so give yourself more time than you think it will take. Wedding planning is a full time job on top of your day job. You could do it all in a month if you quit your job.
    Solution– If you are really busy, Hire a wedding planner.
  3. Running the wedding on your own-
    This is another level of stress that you don’t need. You need to have someone there to orchestrate everything, and most importantly someone you trust. It’s not going to be your caterer, it’s not going to be your photographer, and it’s not going officiant. If you got your mom, your aunts, your maid of honor, taking care of coordinating day of, they’re not there to help you personally as a bride with getting dressed, putting on makeup on or any other personal needs.
    Solution– Hire a day of wedding planner to take the heat for getting everyone where they need to be and on time. Then enjoy your party.

Hospitalized wedding guests
Aimee also mentioned that the most touching wedding she planned was a hospital wedding. Here are some ideas to include your dearest family who are confined to the hospital.

  1. Invite closest family for a ceremony in the hospital with you loved one.
  2. See if they can be present with the assistance of nursing staff.
  3. Include them through Skype with live streaming video.

Thank you so much Aimee Palifroni, Director of Sales, Colorado Wedding Sites and Services. You can contact her at 720.398.8298 office 720.939.3227 cell 303.484.4100 fax




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(Holly à) Well good morning Aimee it is so good to have you here on Holly’s Hot Wedding Tips! (Aimeeà) Good morning thank you so much for having me. (Holly à) How long have you worked in the Wedding Sites and Services? (Aimee à) I’ve been working for the company since January, so the beginning of the year, but I was actually an advertiser for many years for different venues, so I was very familiar with both sides. (Holly à) How fun is that? That is exciting. What common mistakes do you see couples making when they’re planning a wedding? (Aimee à) The most common mistake that we see is people hiring friends or asking friends and family to take over pieces that really should be left to professionals. (Holly à) What do you mean? (Aimee à) Say your uncle is a DJ, or your aunt is gonna do your flowers, your mom is gonna take over all your day of coordination. Let the professionals handle those. (Holly à) What pieces are the most important pieces to let professionals do then? (Aimee à) Anything that’s gonna require taking away your friends and family from celebrating the day with you. So if your mom is taking care of all your flower arrangements, she has a job to do she’s not gonna be able to be with the bride while she’s getting dressed, help her put her makeup on things like that because she’s got a job now. So anything that’s going to require them to not be a guest at your wedding let the professionals handle that. Because that’s why they’re there that’s why you hire them so that they can take care of those things and take that stress from anybody who really should be there as a guest. (Holly à) So your guests can be guests and not workers at your event. So don’t run an event where you ask all your guests to bring potluck and move chairs for you and things like that. (Aimee à) there are certain things you can get away with, escpecially if you’re on a budget and doing a potluck or a Bar b que or things like that. (Holly à) That still makes your guests workers they’re not truly guests they’ve now worked. (Aimee à) Exactly. (Holly à) Interesting, what’s the best tip you have for a couple planning a wedding? (Aimee à) Start early, (Holly à) How early? (Aimee à) Most engagements are around 18 months. Now of course not everybody is going to have that much time if they are on a time crunch or if there is a specific venue only has a specific date booked, but try to give yourself as much time as possible. We have lots of other things going on in our lives and that’s why wedding planning takes a long time, because you can’t quit your job and plan your wedding. You know, if you could do that then you could probably plan it in under a month, but it is almost like taking on a second job, so the most amount of time you can give yourself is best. (Holly à)Excellent! What don’t couples know about using the wedding sites and services guide that you would like them to know? (Aimee à) Absolutely. We are so much more than just a magazine. We really are the number one resource guide in Colorado. We’re set apart from the other magazines because we don’t have the articles and editorial. It’s really a resource guide for you to use from start to finish, to plan any type of event. Much more than weddings anniversary parties, birthday parties, corporate holiday parties, bar and bat mitzvah. Anything, any type of event you’re looking to plan in Colorado this is going to be your number one guide, but really what people don’t know all the time is go and check out our website. We have so many more resources on the website, and the magazine and the website really work hand in hand. So, on the website you’re going to find our designer wedding tools. Which basically is our version of Pinterest. They’re going to find thousands of thousands of pictures from our Colorado weddings. They’re going to be able to actually get those beautiful things that they see from our local venders. We also list all the bridal shows that happen throughout the year. So if you are looking to go to something looking to go to an open house for a venue they’re going to find that on there. We also have a great feature for blogs, articles, and press releases from all of our venders, and we’re constantly sharing that information that our venders have to give. A lot of the time the do give always. They can check out our Facebook page. We’ve always got promotion going on. (Holly à) Excellent! So they should go like you on Facebook. (Aimee à) Absolutely! (Holly à) How fun! What is the most unusual wedding that you’ve ever been on (Aimee à) The most unusual wedding that I’ve ever worked on was actually at Craig Hospital. It has a very sad back story, but it ended up being a very beautiful celebration. There was an unexpected death in the family. The bride’s father was at Craig Hospital. He was paralyzed. So the wedding that they had been planning for a year for about three hundred guest all got changed in the blink of an eye. So we worked very hard to move everything as much as we could. Scale that down to just friends and family. We were to have that wedding at Craig Hospital (Holly à)Wow! (Aimee à)And her father was able to take her down the aisle (Holly à)Really? (Aimee à) From his wheel chair. Defiantly the most unusual, but one of the most rewording as well. (Holly à) Wow that is amazing! What questions couples should be asking that they don’t know to ask? (Aimeeà) I think “who runs everything” is the best question to ask. So again the day of, if you got your mom your aunts, your maid of honor, taking care of all these things, they’re not there to help you personally as a bride with what your needing. (Hollyà) You wouldn’t recommend the bride to run everything herself? Because I see that some times. (Aimeeà) That’s never going to happen. (Hollyà) Well it does, and I’ve seen it. (Aimeeà) Yeah (Hollyà) An interesting…It creates its own problems. (Aimeeà) And it dose. It gives you another level of stress that you don’t need. (Hollyà) I mean I saw a bride that she and her groom decided they were going to run everything day in they didn’t have a coordinator day out and she lost her itinerary, and then they just started winging it. The champagne sat on the table for two hours because it didn’t get to the toast. (Aimeeà) Yeah you definitely need to know who is there to orchestrate everything. It’s not going to be your caterer, its not going to be your photographer, it’s not going officiant (Hollyà) Yeah. They ended up an hour behind because the photographer had to go and find all the family members. (Aimeeà) Right, and the photographers job is to capturer those moments and take those pictures.(Hollyà) They started with the bride and groom. Took those pictures and then was like where is everyone else (Aimeeà) Yeah. (Hollyà) It was herding cats.(Aimeeà) Having a day out planner is one of the most important thing that I think you could do, because you’re dedicating somebody to run everything, to make sure your venders are there on time, to make sure you’re sticking to a plan. Probably the biggest complaint that I hear from guest is that everything took to long. There is too much down time in between events. There is a lot of lag, so keeping on your schedule knowing when you’re going to have your first dance, when you’re going to cut the cake. When you’re going to do your toast and keeping that flow moving makes it a lot easier and a lot more enjoyable for your guest. And then once those things are done you have the rest of the night to have fun. (Hollyà) Right. Right. What is the most memorable wedding you have worked? (Aimeeà) The most memorable would be a gay couple I worked with a couple of years ago and it was just a beautiful celebration. One of the grooms his parents were not accepting and so they decided that they were not going to come and celebrate with them. About two weeks before they decided they were going to come. So during the toast the mother stood up and everybody was kinda on the edge of their seats waiting to see exactly what she was going to say since she had recently had a change of heart. And it was. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house. She was very candid moment. It was just about her realizing how much love was in the room for these two people, and that that was all that really mattered. So having them be able to have a beautiful celebration, and truly have all their friends and family there. Just really made it a memorable occasion. (Hollyà) Excellent! Well thank you so much. I’m so thrilled to have you here. (Aimeeà) Thank you Holly I appreciate it!