How to make a swimming Ursula octopus, Sea witch or Sea hag Costume

How to make a swimming Ursula octopus, Sea witch or Sea hag Costume

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Recently I made my daughter a mermaid tail to swim in. When it was done, I wondered if anyone had made a swimming Ursula octopus. After looking online, I found no one had done one yes. So I went down to my sewing room and I made one. After putting it together, I have decided to share what I have found. Happy swimming!

Ursula Octopus Supplies:

  1. Dress Pattern with 6 panels
  2. Chalk
  3. Approximately 2 yds. Of stretch or swim fabric, ( I used black stretch velvet and purple sparkle lycra)
  4. Peanut worms
  5. A package of black waistband elastic
  6. A backless bra
  7. Leggings to set into the internal waist.

Ursula Octopus Directions:

  1. Lay out your pattern for a floor length sheath 6 panel dress.
  2. Lay out your fabric doubled over, place your pattern over it, and follow the pattern directions for cutting.
  3. Put your pattern together according to the directions sewing the seams to the bottom of your bum, and leave the rest open, like car wash strips
  4. Fold the strips in half and measure up to where the seam ends a diagonal line from bottom to top. Repeat on the purple fabric.
  5. With right sides together sew the purple and black together forming eachtentacle. Repeat on each on until all 6 are done.
  6. Try it on to be sure it fits!
  7. Face the top of your octopus with elastic so it stays in place in the water.
  8. Put your backless bra on and pin in place, using its straps as straps for the dress.
  9. Slip on the legging and pin where the waist hit on the dress. Tack in place.
  10. Fill each tentacle with water resistant peanut worms. You can tell if your worms are water solvable by licking one, or running under water.
  11. Zig zag closed each tentacle.
  12. Take it for a swim!
  13. Remember you are now part of the sea hag society where old age and experience wins out over youth and enthusiasm. Swim on!




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