Rocking the Littleton Block Party

Rocking the Block Party

Holly at the entertainment stage wild on Littleton block party

Holly at the entertainment stage wild on Littleton block party

On Saturday June 13th the staff and students from Adventures in Dance gathered to dance at the Wild on Littleton block Party. We met at Adventures in Dance to go over final routine details and to dine on delicious cupcakes by Alle Virgo. Then we packed up and headed into downtown Littleton.

Once there we set up our tent. Jamie Oberg came with us and set her chair massage up and gave free 5 min massages. We broke out the freezer pops and got ready for our first show. At the entertainment stage we met puzzle man and Larry the piano man.

The Youth Squad rocked the first two shows. The theme was dirty dancing through time. They started with the Queens waltz to the “Blue Danube,” and nailed it. This was the first of the dirty partnership dances. Then they danced the exciting Samba to the song “Going Bananas.” The youth squad was sporting minion t-shirts with Robyn dressed as Carmen Miranda and Billy as a Banana. They also danced a medley of dances from the 1920’s Charleston, Swing, Quickstep, and Lindy hop to “Billy a Dick.” Then final routine they danced was from the movie Dirty Dancing, and danced to the song “(I’ve Had) Time of my Life.” Annalynn and Billy were featured and ended with a bang.

The last show was all Latin and Rhythm dances. Robyn and Billy danced their Latin competition routines they have prepared for the star ball this week. They included the Cha-Cha, Samba, Rumba, and Jive. Craig and Holly danced 5 American style rhythm dances. Those dances are the Cha-Cha, Rumba, Swing, Bolero and Mambo.

At the end of our shows the fireworks lit up the sky and strolling circus acts came down the street. The rain cooled off the street, and a sea of umbrellas could be seen. It was a great night to be in Littleton.

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