3 Hair & 4 Makeup Tips for your wedding on Holly’s hot wedding tips

3 Hair & 4 Makeup Tips for your wedding on Holly’s hot wedding tips

Wedding eyes

Wedding eyes

Looking your best for your wedding is a must for your big day. So I met with Lisa Hamilton from The Glam Concierge to find the latest trends and hottest tip for looking your best. Here is what I learned.

4 wedding makeup trends for 2015

  1. Light and natural for outdoor weddings
  2. Bronze & Gold
  3. Rosie cheeks and pink lips
  4. Burgundy lips for fall

3 wedding Hair trends for 2015

  1. Dutch braids, French braids, fat braids, a braid in the back brought in a bun.

    Lindsey Wedding Braid

    Lindsey Wedding Braid

  2. Add baby’s breath
  3. add little rhinestone clips

5 tips for getting ready for your wedding day hair and makeup

  1. Get some sleep
  2. Don’t wash your hair the night before. Natural hair oils aid in holding an updo.
  3. Don’t do anything crazy with your skin the night before or day of your wedding.
  4. Get your eyebrows tweezed a week before to avoid redness on the day of
  5. Get your chemical peal over a week in advance of your wedding day to avoid redness.

Most unusual makeup? A request for skull candy makeup for a Halloween Wedding.

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(Holly à)Good morning lisa its so good to have you here! (Lisa à) I’m excited. (Holly à) What got you interested in doing hair and makeup for weddings? (lisa à) I’ve always loved makeup, I was working at a Colorado dealership and I was doing makeup for friends weddings, my daughters homecoming and her friends. And I thought, I could do this for my job I really like it. So I quit my job and I started my business, it’s been in Colorado for 4 years and I love it. There’s not a day where I don’t love my job. I love waking up and feeling that way. (Holly à) What are the most current trends in wedding makeup? (Lisa à) I would have to say keeping it really natural a lot of my brides are doing outside weddings so doing a really dramatic eye will do shadows and it just looks really dark for the day. So a lot of my brides are going with bronze, we’re going with golds and pretty rosie cheeks and nice pink lip, looks gorgeous in photos. (Holly à) Great! What about hair? What are the current trends for hair? (Lisa à) Braids. Dutch braids, French braids, fat braids we have a lot of brides they want a braid in the back and then it’s brought in a bun. We had a bride on Saturday that put baby’s breath and little rhinestone clips in it and it was absolutely gorgeous. (Holly à) Wonderful. So you’re saying the hottest colors are outdoor colors. What about for a fall wedding? What would the hot fall colors be? (Lisa à) I would say that they’re gonna stay that way for 2015 fall, bringing in some burgundy’s I think would be absolutely beautiful. I have a bride that we’re gonna do a burgundy lip for her bridesmaid, I’m really excited about that in October. So I think those really deeper colors, not so much on the eyes, keeping the eyes very simple, but the burgundy lip is gonna be gorgeous. (Holly à) Wonderful that’s exciting. What is the most unusually wedding hair or makeup that you’ve ever done? (Lisa à) Right now I’ve not had anything really crazy. I have the opportunity to do Halloween makeup but time just doesn’t allow us do to the skull candy makeup I was really disappointed with that I really wanted to do it. We were gonna do bridal makeup for her photos and then we were going to do her, her fiancée, the best man, and the maid of honor all in the skull candy for the ceremony and the reception. They’re getting married on Halloween in the Betcher Mansion in Golden which is a historical sight it’s gorgeous. I was really sad that we couldn’t do the time but I had mentioned to her we can recreate it for her 1 year anniversary (Holly à) oh there’s a good idea, special anniversary makeup get their clothes out and reshoot. (Lisaà) and then you don’t have to worry about time constraints. (Holly à) What is the best tip you have for brides to look their best on their wedding day? (Lisa à) Sleep the night before. If you party make sure you get some sleep, I have wonderful under eye concealer that we can hide that. The airbrush is great for that but you look photo shopped. So we can cover all of that up but sleep just because you’re gonna be less stressed. You are gonna feel a little bit of stress but if you have that sleep in you, you just feel more relieved. So sleep. (Holly à) What should a bride or wedding party do to be prepared for their hair? (Lisa à) As far as hair, please don’t wash your hair the day of the wedding. We like to have that little bit of oil in it that little bit of dirtiness. It keep the style great we put dry shampoo in so you’re not gonna have to worry about any oil showing through but don’t wash your hair the day of. That is a really helpful tip. As far as makeup don’t do anything crazy with your skin. Don’t get a chemical peel the day of, don’t even really get it the week before your wedding. Plan that out. Don’t get your eyebrows tweased the day of your wedding. Sometimes you’ll have a little bit of redness. So just those simple things. Most girls who do that know not to do that. We know not to twease our brows just before a special occasion just in case we get a little bit of redness. (Holly à) What’s the most memorable wedding you’ve done? (Lisa à) I would have to say it was a wedding two years ago my daughter and I were on it and we had this bride call two days before her wedding. Her makeup artist ended up not being able to make it. She was so stressed out we went to her wedding, we got her beautiful. But what made it more memorable to us was everybody in the bridal party was asking if we had time to do their makeup too. So we made the whole bridal party feel and look glamorous and the bride just loved it. She said, “Thank you so much for doing everybody’s!” and I said, “Absolutely” So it really wasn’t a big whoop-dee-doo wedding but it was memorable because I was able to create and share in that special day for that bride/ (Holly à)Wonderful thank you so much lisa.