8 Lord of the Rings wedding tips and 6 Dunafon Castle insights, on Holly’s hot wedding tips

8 Lord of the Rings wedding tips and 6 Dunafon Castle insights, on Holly’s hot wedding tips

Dunafon Castle wedding

Dunafon Castle wedding

I love castles. I think that getting married in a castle is very romantic. In Colorado we are fortunate to have some beautiful castles to get married in. Dunafon castle is one of them. This exclusive private mansion is only available for part of the year for weddings. I met with Annie Schumacher to get her insight on weddings.


Annie’s most unique wedding was a Lord of the Rings/Game of thrones themed wedding. Here is a link to this wedding on the Offbeat Bride . I researched some Lord of the Rings tips just for you.

Lord of the Rings Themed Wedding Tips:

  1. Pick your theme– Elves, Hobbits, kings
  2. Set a location that fits your middle earth feel, like Castle Dunafon.
  3. Pick your middle earth vows. Here is a handy listing on yahoo answers
    and eleven wedding vows
  4. Set your dress code for your Wedding party. Options can include Knights, Lords, Ladies, Hobbits, Elves, and a liberal use of capes.
  5. Encourage your guests to get in the spirit by dressing in period clothes as well.
  6. Use quotes from Lord of the rings on your place cards and invitations
  7. Have a middle earth styled map made to your destination
  8. Provide a middle earth meal. Here is a link to the cooking Channel’s Hobbit meal
    and Recipes of middle earth

Annie’s biggest tip– don’t sweat the small stuff. Make your day special for yourself, and trust your vendors to do what they do best.

What you should know about Dunafon Castle:

  1. Dunafon Castle is listed on the Castles of Colorado book.
  2. The castle is a private residence
  3. A percent of Proceeds from events at Dunafon Castle are donated to Step 13, so all events there are a charity event
  4. The castle can schedule 30 weddings per year.
  5. Dunafon castle can accommodate up to 150 guests.
  6. You’re day is exclusive to you, there is only one wedding planned per day.

Thank you to Annie Schumacher with Dunafon Castle, at 24020 Hwy 74 Idledale, CO 80453. You can contact Annie at 303.918.0623 or Email: guest@dunafoncastle.com http://www.dunafoncastle.com/


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(Hollyà) Good morning Annie. Welcome to Holly’s Hot Wedding Tips. I’m so happy to be here at the castle! This is so beautiful. And tell me the correct, Dunafon is the correct pronunciation, Dunafon, Castle Dunafon. (Annieà) nods Yes (Hollyà) With your water wheal, your beautiful grounds, amazing castle. This is so exciting! How did you get involved with doing weddings at the castle? (Annieà) I just met the right people at the right time. I met Mike and Debi who own the castle in 2007 and at that time they were doing more corporate events, picnics, but really wanted to get into the wedding market so we really started promoting it as a wedding venue. Now it’s pretty excusive to weddings. (Hollyà) That’s amazing. What common mistakes do you see couples making? (Annieà) I would say the biggest mistake would be paying too much attention to really small details. Details that I just really don’t know. That sound like a really good idea and it’s fun to make it’s your own, but I think when people become too obsessed, too crazy about the really small things. It just causes a lot of unnecessary stress and that’s what I would say I see the most that happens that creates some anxiety and just not go as well as it probably could. (Hollyà) what are the biggest things that they should focus on? (Annieà) I think just making it a special day. I mean they are getting married! I think a lot of times that’s over shadowed by the industry and how much the emphasis we put on the small details and I think its again wonderful to make it your own event. It’s just super important to remember what you really are celebrating. (Hollyà) Good, good. What is the best tip you have for a couple planning a wedding? (Annieà) I’d say again, to just have fun with it and to not stress about the small stuff, and trust your team of venders. You’re booking a team of venders that have a lot of experience with this. And, I think it takes a lot to put that amount of trust in to people because it is such a big day. I think that you have too in this situation. I mean you’re booking people who know what they are doing. So you need to trust them. (Hollyà) Great. What don’t the couples know about castle dunafon that they need to know? (Annieà) I’d say the biggest thing here is that the castle is a private residence. Mike and Debi live here full time. I don’t think they would open up their home without the Step 13 Program. So Step 13 is a drug and alcohol.. it’s a transitional living home in Denver. The men of that program work up here. The whole philosophy of the program is that, work works. If you just give someone money that’s not going to fix a problem, but if you give them something to be a part of, they’ll move in the right direction. Every… last season… this season we’ve had the same crew of guys working up here. Which speaks volume to the program. A portion of the event is donated to the program its self, but then she also.. the guys walk away with a pay check at the end of the night. So it huge. Yeah. (Hollyà) Good. That’s exciting!  Doesn’t she also contribute to the Central city opera? (Annieà) Yeas. That used to be a bigger thing, now since the guys took over really caring for and taking care of the grounds, I’d say that the majority of the money goes to Step 13. (Hollyà) That’s wonderful. What’s the most unusual wedding you’ve ever done? (Annieà) We have had a few themed weddings, like Medieval, last year there was The Lord of The Rings, Game of Thrones type wedding and it was beautiful. All the guest dressed up. So it was very cool. Yeah. (Hollyà) What’s the most memorable wedding you’ve done? (Annieà)  I tend to remember the wedding just that I’ve… you know I become friends with these people. You work with these people as you know and you get to be friends with them. So I’d say the most memorable are the ones that are just simple and nice. Just nice people and just people who are doing this for the right reason.  (Hollyà) That’s exciting! Well thank you so much. It was so amazing to talk to you on Holly’s Hot Wedding Tips.