Country Sampler and Holly’s Birthday Bash

Country Sampler and Holly’s Birthday Bash

Holly's Birthday at Ds Tavern

Holly’s birthday at D’s Tavern.

For those country music lovers out there, I have some good news.  There are dance lessons for you at Adventures in Dance.  In order to get a feel for those who would like to partner dance at the country clubs there is a country sampler class. In this class our lovely teacher, Robyn, works with the group on the country swing and the country two-step.

As a first time student to a ballroom dance class, I found the instructions to be easy to follow.  The class starts out with a basic step the each person learns and practices on their own first, then pairs are made and partner practicing begins.  Since a ballroom dance has a woman’s part and a male’s part, Robyn goes over each with the appropriate people.  The women practice their parts with Robyn while the men practice with dance assistant Bill.

The class progresses with the women and men learning a new step, practicing the steps individually, practicing with a partner and then switching partners.  In this teaching style, everyone learns together and no one gets left out.  The swing is a fun and energetic dance and the two-step will definitely get you moving all around the dance floor.


After the sampler class on October 16, the teachers and some students went to D’s Tavern in Littleton to celebrate the owner Holly’s birthday.  The tavern was dimly lit and the band set up on the little stage across the room as we walked in and found our seats.  As the band began to play around nine, the Adventures in Dance crowd had tripled taking five tables and the students grabbed their partners to bust a move on the small dance floor.

As I said before, I had only attended a class for the first time that night. So I was with the rest of the crowd when all the students went out and showed us all up with their moves.  Though the music was not traditional ballroom melodies, the students picked up the beat and choose a dance that matched as closely as possible. That being said, they still looked flawless with their eloquently practiced moves. As food was ordered, so were drinks. Our crowd began to loosen up and began to all flock the dance floor for more boogey-ing.

The evening was an all-around blast.  The dance class, that originally made me a tad nervous, turned out to be nothing short of a good time.  And for the country music lovers, this is the class for you and the next one was on Friday, October 23. As for the birthday bash, seeing all the students gather and show off their skills was an impressive sight to behold.  Holly was able to bring in her birthday surrounded by her dance family and friends.

Written by Amelia Martinez

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