Wedding Crafts and Gypsy Wedding tips with the Crazy Merchant on Holly’s Hot Wedding Tips

Wedding Crafts and Gypsy Wedding tips with the Crazy Merchant on Holly’s Hot Wedding Tips

Wedding craft beads

Wedding craft beads

I live in a little town with lots of great businesses. One of those great businesses is the Crazy Merchant. The Crazy Merchant is a bead and craft store on the corner of Belleview and Windermere Blvd. in Littleton, Colorado. I met with their assistant Manager Jen about Gypsy wedding accessories and bridal shower bead parties.

Gypsy weddings have gotten a lot of press lately. They started with “My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding” in 2010 in Europe, and then the TV show spread to TLC here in America. Jen had some great tips to accent your wedding like a Gypsy, and I researched some more.

Gypsy Wedding tips:

  • Bling out! Lots of Swarovski rhinestones and bling. The Crazy Merchant has Rhinestone necklaces, bracelets, handbags, and loose crystal beads.
  • Big Bold Dress! Think over the top princess with tons of fabric in the skirts and of course a crown. These are custom designs that are not restricted to current trends. A Gypsy wedding gown is a special expression of the bride. It is over the top and can combine styles, fabrics like furs, feathers, and don’t forget the rhinestones. Most use Dressmaker Sondra Celli.
  • Plan an amazing party. Gypsy weddings are big gatherings where there is copious food, family, and dancing. Plan for the event of the century with gigantic platters of all kinds of foods like pig, beef, chicken, goose, vegetables, and breads. Generous beverages to pare with the palate then hit the dance floor for more celebrating.

Gypsy Wedding Traditions:

wedding jewelery

wedding jewelry

  • Stealing or the buying of the bride- The groom will go with his friends or family to the bride’s father and offer him a sum for the cost of the “loss of his daughter.”
  • The exchange of Bread– The bride and groom exchange a piece of bread sprinkled with salt. The salt and bread symbolizes a harmonious future together.
  • The Veil– In Gypsy traditions the veil symbolizes the bride has eyes only for the groom.
  • Bread of Life- Cash gifts are placed in a carved out wooden loaf and the giver recites “from me a little, from God much more.”
  • Proof of Virginity– If a bride is a virgin the sheets are hung out the morning after, or the guests will wear a red armband.
  • Gypsy dances– Bulgarian gypsies do Belly dancing, Spanish gypsy’s dance flamenco.

Jen was exuberant about all the beading that the Crazy merchant can do. She told me that brides can set up wedding showed bead parties with wine and fun bead projects. Wild women and fun projects can lead to a memorable event. The Crazy merchant loves setting these up for you. Here are some tips from the Crazy merchant on Wedding Jewelry.

When it comes to wedding jewelry, here are the Crazy Merchant Options:

  1. Make a date to have your bridal party come in to make their jewelry. This is a great wedding party or bachelorette party idea.
  2. Make an appointment with one of our designers to create your dream, custom wedding jewelry. We suggest doing this at least 4 months before your big day so we have plenty of time to custom order anything you may want and can have plenty of time for two meetings, one to design and one to create.
  3. Custom order your jewelry (and your wedding party’s jewelry too) from one of our fabulous, chic vendors at a fraction of the cost of what they charge at various other bridal jewelry retailers.

I would like to thank Jen for taking time to come out and interview with me. You can find her at:

The Crazy Merchant
1700 W. Belleview AVE.
Littleton, CO 80120
Phone: 303.761.6100

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Good morning Jen it’s so good to see you see you here at the crazy merchant. So you have exciting things to tell us about brides and bridesmaids putting together gifts and for gypsy weddings. So lets get start out with a little bit of what you have here. (Jen à) So for gypsy weddings they love bling. They love everything big bright embellished and really really fun. So that’s really the theme for when you’re having a gypsy wedding and it’s just the bigger the better. The more bling the better and make sure it’s really feminine and fun. So here we’ve got some of our finish made jewelry with the bling for a gypsy wedding party theme. Then we’ve got these great little swarvoski bags which is definitely necessary for your gypsy wedding and then I’ve got great pieces that we’ve made in store. So we’ve got samples that you can make something similar to it or something just like it. And these are really great pieces they’re blingy and fun but they’re also something that you made, they’re natural gemstones and it’s something that’s special that you’re going to have for life. And it’s something you wore for your wedding so it’s something really special for you. Another thing we have are theses little earrings that we had one of the girls put together. I had a bridal party come in and they all made their own little earrings to match their dresses and it was really special and sweet and they had a great time. So there’s a lot of fun things here.

(Holly à) Excellent so tell me about making jewelry and beadwork here at the crazy merchant. (Jen à) So we’re all about beading and making new things and getting inspired and just having a lot of fun. Here at the crazy merchant we’re all about beading, getting creative having a lot of fun and enjoying ourselves. (Holly à) So do you have any wine and bead events? (Jen à) Yeah we have crazy craft night and it’s every third Tuesday from 6 to 9 and basically we have open beading tables you come in with your girlfriends and your beads and we have complimentary wine and appetizers and it’s just a really fun crazy craft night. (Holly à) Do you also schedule private parties and other exclusive groups? (Jen à) Absolutely. So you can have a bachelorette party, a bridal shower, a birthday party. And we’ve got all kinds of different packages that we provide for you. Or you can just come in with your bridesmaids and bead maybe make some of your earrings for your wedding or presents for your bridesmaids or for gifts. (Holly à) What is the wildest things you guys have ever put together? (Jen à) I think we’ve have some pretty wild bachelorette parties here we’ve found feathers from the bright pink boas for days and the ladies were having a really good time they were just drinking wine having appetizers and beading and really just enjoying themselves and having a crazy good time at the crazy merchant. (Holly à) Thank you so much this was fabulous.