7 photographer tips and 3 ways to make the most of your photos on Holly’s hot wedding tips.

7 photographer tips and 3 ways to make the most of your photos on Holly’s hot wedding tips.


I had the pleasure of hiring David to shoot my wedding several years ago. I ran into him again recently at an Associated Bridal Consultants meeting and asked him to come share his expertise on wedding photographers. I learned tons about wedding photographs and am anxious to share them with you.


7 photographer tips

Engagement walk

Engagement walk

  1. Pick someone you can get along with.
    You will be spending your wedding day with your photographer, and it is important you enjoy being with them. Do they give you a warm fuzzy feeling?
  2. Work with the photographer you interview
    Be wary of interviewing a company who will send whoever is available. When you look back on your photos you will remember how you felt about your photographer.
  3. Too many photographers can spoil the shoot.
    Check that the extra photographers have worked together before. In small venues there may not be enough room for all the photographers and equipment.
  4. Ask if they are a certified photographer.
    Only 3% of US photographer certify with professional organizations like the Professional Photographers of America. They will be more familiar with shooting in all kinds of lighting.
  5. Does the photographer include engagement phots?
    Engagement photos may not be necessary but they allow everybody to have fun, no pressure. Climb on rocks, walk in a field. Do whatever, if it’s a hobby you’d like to include, even if it’s horseback riding, playing an instrument, a hike in the woods or bring your pets. This is the time to really get to know your photographer and have fun and know what you can expect on your wedding day.
  6. Can the photographer heard cats?
    Ask if they know how to assemble the people in an orderly and quick fashion and get you back to your fun as quickly as possible.
  7. Can the photographer catch video moments?
    Special clips like your vows, your toasts and your first dance are often missed by most photographers.


3 ways to make the most of your photos

Dancing on the street wedding

Dancing on the street wedding

  1. Photo album
    Choose your favorite 60 images to share in a wedding story book in a chronological layout. Key moments that tells the story of your wedding and extends the fun of the wedding reliving your joy.
  2. Change the open album page weekly
    Leave you book out and open on a different page each week to share your memories.
  3. Fusion shows
    A slide show and video collage highlighting your wedding day, that you can share online with your friends and family.

David’s most unusual wedding:

  • A Renaissance wedding at the Arvada arts center. Some unique ideas that they used were to dress in Renaissance garb the wedding party as kings and queens even carrying Excalibur. They also put paper mache castles along the walls and a castle cake.


David’s most memorable wedding:

  • A Native American Ceremony on top of the 14,000 ft Mt. Evans at 2 am. They had smug pots, owl feathers to waft the smoke as officiant said “look to the east, to the west, to the north, to the south. The world is yours.”


Thank you so much David from Brenowitz Photography. You can contact him at 303-279-6562 brenowitz@comcast.net www.davidbrenowitzphotography.com


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(Holly –>) Good morning David it’s so nice to have you on Holly’s hot wedding tips. Will you tell me some of the hottest tips on hiring a wedding photographer? (David –>) The best thing to do is to make sure the photographer you’re using is the one you interviewed, in other words there are many photography shops that will have someone who will go down a list and pick whomever will be available for your wedding day. And another important thing is it can be a really stressful time consuming process to really choose your photographer. There is a really easy solution to that, there is a clearing house called the Professional Photographers of America and what they offer is a certification program not unlike Doctors and Lawyers. What they will do is test these photographers, educate them, ask for letters of recommendation, judge their images, and once you’ve passed a very killer regiment of all these tests then they offer your certification and you must recertify every three years, not easy continuing education. Will just any certified pro photographer do the job guaranteed? No one guarantees anything, but that alleviates a lot of questions in my couple’s minds knowing that if they at least get a certified photographer they’re in really good shape compared to the rest. And only 3% of photographers in the United States are certified. (Holly –>) Wow I had no idea that photographers certified. Ballroom dance teachers can certify as well it’s also a very rigorous test but I had no idea photographers did that as well. What about personality? (David –>) You’re photographer and you have to get along, that’s upmost. He could be a great photographer but if you want to be able to look at your images and smile. Then knowing that you’re goanna have fun with your photographer, knowing that you had fun with your photographer means the world. It could be world class images that you’re getting, but if the photographer was, what’s a pc way of saying this, not a jerk? If he was a jerk and every time you look at your images you’re gonna think oh my god this is awful and it’s just gonna ruin your memories for life. So that’s most important, can you get along? Which brings up that other little point I made, you don’t want a wedding factory where they’re going to send you who ever might be available that day. You want to sit down with a photographer who will be doing the photography and just get that warm fuzzy feeling. He could be a mediocre photographer but warm fuzzy is really kind of important. (Holly –>) What do brides and grooms need to know about their engagement photos? (David–>) That’s the next step, although engagement photos are not crucial they can do a lot to alleviate any doubt that you and your photographer can get along. It enables the grooms who are a little less likely to be the photography shoppers or in that case any vendor shoppers, it allows everybody to have fun, no pressure. Climb on rocks, walk in a field. Do whatever, if it’s a hobby you’d like to include if it’s horseback riding if it’s playing an instrument if it’s just a hike in the woods bring your pets. This is the time to really get to know your photographer and have fun and know what you can expect on your wedding day. (Holly –>) Great point I know we had a good time with you in Red Rocks park shooting dance moves on the rocks so that’s really fun to do unusual and different things on your engagement photo to set the stage for your wedding. How should couples make the most of their photos?(David –>) Well as everybody knows we love to show off our photographs because when it’s all said and done if you’ve ever been the recipient of someone’s 300 to 500 images go by you tend to glaze over. You don’t want to be the giver of that kind of experience. The best way to really share your photography is to choose maybe your favorite 60 images. That’s where the book the wedding story book comes in, in a chronological layout. Key moments not necessarily the wedding formals because that’s kind of what my mom and pop’s version of what a wedding book looks like. This one tells the story. When your friends when your relatives, when your guests see this book with an image on the cover, beautiful layouts on the inside they’re going to want to grab that book instead of glazing over the 300 or 500 images that might otherwise be presented to them. That extends the fun of the wedding day and keeps you happy, keeps them happy. (Holly –>) I know I always use my wedding book as a table top always open and I flip a page everyday so I always have a different image up. What common mistakes do you see couples making with their wedding photography? (David–>) I’m not saying you shouldn’t do this but just keep an eye out when you’re hiring multiple photographers it goes back to you’re hiring whoever might be available that day, if they book 2 or 3 weddings for that day, it may not be the photographer that you interviewed who will be part of that team. Also if it’s a very small venue then there could be a lot of chaos between multiple bodies carrying a lot of equipment and multiple flashes going on. Now there are lot of couples who feel that there are a lot of relatives and friends that are accomplished photographers and they’ve seen wonderful imagery from those people. And given digital photography, the equipment almost anybody, given the time, can create wonderful images. Not the same as a professional who must in rapid fire succession create documentation of the day moment after moment in addition to the formals going by quick. Knowing how to assemble the people in an orderly and quick fashion and to get you back to your fun as quickly as possible. Once again it’s not necessarily any professional who could do that but certified professionals will stack the odds in your favor.

(Holly –>) David what sets you apart from other photographers in your inspiration and your production? (David –>) Well I try to draw on various places in my life and also my hobbies. One of the things I offer my clients are, I call them hybrid shows or fusion shows, which as a bonus they get a video which contains still images as well as video snippets of key points of their day. Whether it be the first dance, special speeches, getting ready backstage. I must say first and foremost I’m a still photographer but none the less these are important moments that look great. Now, I’ve learned to do this video/ photography on the fly from being an adventurer. I love to get on my motorcycle with the go pro, with my still camera and photograph video, photograph still and create these exciting travel logs. It’s a mentality that feeds my wedding energy and the energy from my wedding photography feeds that. It’s kind of like a dual purpose fusion of feeling. When I do weddings it’s on a personal level and when I’m creating my adventure shows I’m thinking personal level. And of course brides like my excitement coming from my adventure side personality in their hybrid video which everybody gets. (Holly –>) So you won’t miss footage of the first dance or the father daughter dance or pieces of speeches, things that would’ve been lost otherwise if people didn’t remember to take out their cell phones. You as a photographer are gonna catch those timeless moments and they’re not gonna miss a moment. Thanks David …




(Holly –>) What don’t couples know about photography that they need to know? (David –>) An important thing is what is the experience level of the photographer. Has he photographed at the very least similar venues it doesn’t have to be the exact same venue although that does help. As long as it’s a similar amount of space, is it an outdoor venue, has he done outdoor venues? Is it a dark candlelit church, I’ve kinda dealt with churches like that. That’s kinda what is important, and again is he fun to be with? (Holly –>) So experience and fun are important assets.
What is the most unusual wedding you’ve ever done? (David–>) Oh that’s easy. I did a number of renaissance weddings and the one I remember most was up in Arvada. Beautiful venue the Arvada art center and I remember paper mache castles literally large ones along the walls, paintings, a castle cake. All the guests’ kings and queens and Excalibur the sword, and it was fabulous. It was a photographers dream and having that kind of fun permeate every single guest made everybody’s life not only easy but really special. (Holly –>) And what’s the most memorable. (David –>) Early on, i remember it was a mountain top wedding. It was on top of Mt. Evans, Mt. Evans is a 14,000 ft hike here in Colorado. It was a sunrise wedding at 2:00 in the morning gotta get up and get up the mountain, but there we were at the peak and they did a Native American Ceremony that had smug pots, owl feathers to waft the smoke and i still remember that the officiant was going, “look to the east, to the west, to the north, to the south. The world is yours.” That really stuck as beautifully said words and killer dramatic landscape as a background to this loving couple. (Holly –>) Thank you so much David from David Brenowitz Photography.

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