Adventures in Dance attends the Applied Learning Center Awards Banquet

Adventures in Dance attends the Applied Learning Center Awards Banquet

Holly and Mia at banquet

Holly and Amelia at the banquet at MSU Denver.

As an intern at Adventures in Dance, Holly nominated me for the Intern Student of the Year Award at MSU Denver.  On Nov. 12, Holly and I attended the banquet ceremony at the Tivoli on the Auraria campus. The tables were set, light guitar music played in the background and the banquet was laid out.  We arrived 25 minutes early to find that we were the first ones there.

The annual banquet ceremony was for nominees and employers only. Out of the 1,300 interns only 60 were nominated by their supervisors and a winner was selected.  The winner was an aviation intern who rewrote the policy for his company.  He took an original idea and turned it into something new for the company.

At the banquet, Holly was told her application was one of the most memorable.  Her enthusiasm about the studio and her employees presented itself in a creative and exceptional way. She used my nickname, Mia, as an acronym for memorable, industrious and awesome, setting her letter aside from the many. Though we did not win, the letter and my involvement with the studio were memorable.

Working as an intern at Adventures in Dance has been quite the experience for me. When Holly and Craig told me about I may be dancing for some of the classes and participating in the parties, I thought they were joking. Turns out, they were not.  For writing some of the posts, I had to learn the dances and how they are taught. This was a new skill I had not anticipated.

Mia and Mark at banquet

Amelia and her coordinator Mark at the banquet.

I enjoyed learning ballroom dances and covering events immensely. The events are always a big show including decorations, costumes, food, drinks and themed music. But the party would be nothing without the dancing.  Each party has its own set of group dances the party-goers get to learn as well as myself.

Besides the dancing and parties, learning all the programs and technology has been interesting as well.  In the middle of my internship Holly and Craig switched calendar, email and payment programs and I had to learn all of the old ones and the new ones. Learning all the programs broadened my duties and skills.

The intern position at Adventures in Dance has truly been an adventure.

Written by: Amelia Martinez

nominee certificate

Amelia’s nominee certificate.

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