Fun Friday Potluck Party

Fun Friday Potluck Party

November Dance Party Littleton Colorado

November dance potluck party.

On Friday Nov. 6, dance students were invited to show off their moves at a potluck party. The students brought in a dish or a person to share for a discounted fee.  There was food, drinks and plenty of floor space for the students to practice their dance moves or learn more.  

The four teachers were around the studio to help teach new steps or help with old ones.  This ensured those who attended got their money’s worth of dancing.  You can pay for the party and learn the basics of many dances in one night.  Partners often switch after each song so that no one is left out and all students learn the dances.

This Friday’s special dance was a Merengue mixer. For those of you who have no clue what the means here is how it looks- a line of gentlemen facing the line of ladies. These two lines move down the floor toward the front wall while the pair at the front by the mirror dance merengue in between the lines and then once they hit the end, rejoin their correct line.

Another dance that was taught for the evening was a Samba line dance. This line dance was taught without a partner and makes a X on the floor similar to country line dancing.  The night was enjoyed by all who attended and dancing continued into the late hours.

Written by: Amelia Martinez

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