5 Common wedding mistakes and 6 Victorian Wedding tips

5 Common wedding mistakes and 6 Victorian Wedding tips with Aldabella Photography on

Wedding Cake Aldabella Photo

Wedding Cake Aldabella Photo

Holly’s Hot Wedding tips.

In the course of teaching couples to dance for their wedding this year, I had the opportunity to meet Lindsay form Aldabella Photography. We worked together on a wedding at Cherokee Castle that was later published. Lindsay has won awards for top photographer in wedding wire. She loves connecting with her brides and getting to know them during destination weddings. I had the opportunity to get her expert advice on weddings. Read what she had to say below.

5 Common wedding mistakes:

  1. Family or friends shoot your wedding.
    There is no restoring wedding photos that were missed or messed up by an inexperienced photographer. You wedding happens only once.
  2. Know the difference between a Wedding planner and a Wedding coordinator. Site coordinators are responsible for their location. They coordinate tables, chairs, food and location. A wedding planner makes sure all aspects of your wedding day run smoothly. For example, coordinating all the vendors and handling emergencies. If a groomsmen forgets his tie, the wedding planner will make sure a tie makes it to the event on time.

    Lace wedding gown

    Lace wedding gown

  3. Does your photographer know how to shoot in any aspect or lighting?
    Are they competent shooting inside as well as outside, bright light or low light? Can they transition from one kind of lighting to the next, like from dinner lighting to dance lighting.
  4. Omitting Dry runs.
    Remember to test your hair and make-up 3-6 months in advance of your wedding to determine if it is the look you like, and if you might have any allergies to products you were planning on using. You might use your engagement photos as an opportunity to address these issues. Start learning your first dance 3-6 months in advance of your wedding as well.
  5. Forgetting a Videographer.
    There is nothing worse than missing your most memorable moments. A Videographer catches your vows, your toasts and your first dance. These are moments you want to savor in your future.

Lindsay also shot a Victorian wedding at Della Terra. She had some great tips from this event. I went online and added a few more tips. Check it out below.
6 Victorian Wedding tips

Victorian accents

Victorian accents

  1. Pick your location – A Victorian mansion or garden
  2. Attire – Lace, corsets, tulle, lace, silk. White kid gloves, embroidered handkerchiefs, silk stockings, and flat or brocade one-inch heel shoes. Victorian gentleman’s formal cutaway coat or a frockcoat.
  3. Cards – Lace or Victorian hearts.
  4. Floral – Feature the Victorian Rose and orange blossoms.
  5. Accents – Use teacups, lace and handkerchiefs to tie your theme together.
  6. Host some pre wedding English tea parties.


For more Victorian wedding ideas read novels by Charles Dickens.
Here are more Victorian wedding idea’s by the Knot https://www.theknot.com/content/a-victorian-wedding-event
or Victoriana magazine http://www.victoriana.com/bridal/bridal-welcome.htm
or check out the Dickens Fair in San Francisco http://www.dickensfair.com/and contact The Victorian Society in America (215) 627-4252, Philadelphia, PA.
How to dance the Victorian English Country Dance The Queen’s Waltz
Wedding Dance Special 


Thank you so much Lindsay Walters, form Aldabella  Photography. You can contact her at 303.521.2520 Aldabella Photography Web Site


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(Holly)–> Good morning Lindsay it’s so good to have you here on Holly’s hot Wedding tips from aldabella photography. You have wonderful marvelous things to tell us all about weddings. I wanna start with what common mistakes do you see couples making when they get ready for their wedding? (Lindsay)–> I would say the number one thing that we saw when we owned a photo lab a couple years ago prior to really diving into weddings was unfortunately we were doing a lot of editing for folks that had used a friend or family member for their wedding photography so when we closed our photo lab two years ago, we decided to go back into wedding and the reason we went back into wedding is because of how important those images are to people and how much we saw brides working to really kind of restore the images that had been messed up by a family member or a friend who didn’t know how to truly photograph a wedding so that would probably the biggest mistake that I see folks making, just hiring a friend or a family member to do the photos. (Holly –>) What’s the best tip you have for a bride and groom planning their wedding? (Lindsay –>) Understanding the difference between a wedding planner and a wedding coordinator a lot of times they come to us to hire us for photography first thing I ask them once we start going down the path of the wedding planning process is who their wedding planner is and typically I’ve got the answer of I’ve got an onsite coordinator and they’re going to do everything. Well truly understanding the difference between your wedding planner and your wedding coordinator, and your wedding coordinator is going to help with the day of services they’re going to make sure that everything is going to run well with the venue that there are no venue issues that their staff is doing what they’re supposed to be doing. A wedding planner really truly does plan the whole day for you they’re the ones in charge making sure your tables are set making sure your vendors arrive on time. They’re the ones that if a tie doesn’t show up with one the groomsmen’s tuxes they’re the ones trying to get that tie for you so they’re really in charge of making sure that that day runs as smoothly as possible.  (Holly –>) What don’t couples know about wedding photography that they really need to know? (Lindsay –>) The number one thing I would say for brides that are getting ready to hire a wedding photographer is really understanding that that wedding photographer knows how to shoot in any aspect. Meaning you really need to ask that wedding photographer can I see an entire wedding from start to finish? Can you share another bride or grooms gallery with me and as a professional wedding photographer I automatically offer that to all of my brides and grooms because I want they to see how well we shoot not only outside but how well we shoot inside because a lot of venues are dark as soon as those dj lights turn on and the lights drop for dancing  you really need to have a photographer that understands how to transition from shooting a ceremony and not only shooting a ceremony but maybe also a high light ceremony meaning a ton of sun. Or even there might be a wooded area so understanding shadowing so you need to have a photographer that understands how to shoot in every aspect and not being afraid to ask them to share with you several weddings before you hire them. (Holly –>) What questions should a bride and groom ask that they don’t know to ask? (Lindsay –>) I would say a couple of things, making sure you do dry runs, making sure that you’re doing your hair and makeup far enough in advance. One of the things that we always recommend for our brides is it’s when they do their engagement session we actually recommend that they go and get their hair and makeup tested at that point because early enough help you to know not only whether or not the look that you thought you wanted is the look you actually want for your wedding day but it also allows you to see it in your engagement photos and you can analyses whether or not that’s what you want to do for your wedding. It also helps you to know if you’re allergic to the makeup or not. I actually had an allergic reaction to Aveda I’m allergic to a lot of plant based products and with Aveda I broke out six months prior to our wedding so it was great that I did a run through. Also making sure that you’re practicing and you’re doing your dancing prior to a lot of people want to come in to their wedding and they want these phenomenal dances but they don’t far enough in advance and really making sure that you guys are not only practicing but practicing far enough in advance to ensure that you’re an expert when you get out on that dance floor and you really know what you’re doing. The other thing I would say is when you’re interviewing for even your videographer, ensuring that they have the proper equipment a lot of times we come on site and brides will tell us, “Yes we have a videographer.” and they’re not truly a videographer they’re somebody that is getting into the industry, which is great, but they truly don’t have the equipment to make videos that are quality videos for their wedding. (Holly –>) That’s great, what’s the most unusual wedding you’ve ever done? (Lindsay –>)  We just actually had a wedding published, we’ve been published in a couple countries and we’ve been published multiple times, we just had a wedding and it was published it was absolutely beautiful. It was a Victorian wedding and it was gorgeous, lots of lace very detail oriented with not only with the table coverings but all the way down to the cupcakes. So the cupcakes had lace on them and the cupcake coverings were done so well that they matched the tiny antique decorations on all the guests’ tables, on the gift table. The lace that overplayed the table that the cake sat on was, from the brides dress which was of course lace it was beautiful it was a Justin Alexander 1900’s  style dress, but all the way from the Justin Alexander dress into the table decorations down the cake and the cupcakes all matched each other and that had to do with not only the wedding planner helping but with truly the brides vision of taking the pink and pastels that she wanted and the purple pastels that she wanted and really incorporating everything that she thought her wedding should be. Her planner did just an amazing job putting the bride’s decision into the final product and it was really beautiful. (Holly –>) You mentioned being published, so you’re a published photographer in addition to many other awards you want to tell me some about that? (Lindsay –>) We have been published multiple times and we’ve been published in four different countries and we’ve been published over 30 times in multiple avenues whether it’s been the knot or internationally they call it across the pond, we’ve learned as we start to move down this path of being published it was actually suggested to us by a wedding planner. And one of the hardest things as an artist is truly taking your vision and we know that we love our work and we know that our clients love our work that’s why they hire us but to put your work out there to be judged by people that you’ve never met and you don’t know whether you’re “good enough” it’s really one of those thing that makes you realize that, “I’m gonna trust that this is ok” and I’m going to trust that the awards we won on the wedding wire the awards we won on the knot the awards that we’ve won locally. That it’s not just locals that love us but that people in this industry that really truly value photography and art in itself they love it as well. So it’s been a really cool adventure to kind of go from doing this as a small little husband and wife business on the weekend to really truly doing it as a full time wedding profession and getting to know all the vendors in the process it’s been wonderful working with all our vendors and seeing them get published so it’s been a really fun little adventure for us. (Holly –>) What are the most memorable wedding you’ve ever done? (Lindsay –>) We absolutely love our brides and grooms we have a connection with them that’s one of those things we go through the hard times and the easy times with them. We have been with brides from the moment they say “I do” and the moment that they’re vowing to live the rest of their lives together and we’ve been there for the loss of their first child we’ve been through all of it and so it’s been one of those things where you really truly gain this connection to your brides and grooms that you don’t realize that you’re going to connect to them in the way that you do but you’re capturing the most precious intimate moments of their entire lives and there’s something to be said about that. So each and every wedding is so near and dear to our heart, but I would say the one thing that we’ve loved, we’ve done multiple destination weddings we have a couple more this year and the only reason I say destination wedding is you have this chance to really get to know the family and one that we did just a few weeks ago we’ve done three Mexico weddings and have loved all of them, but it really reminded us that we get two to three days to really get to know our bride and groom on a different level and we really get to know their family on a different level and it’s different but each and every wedding is so special to us that there’s aspects not only to the wedding but after the wedding that are truly important as well.