Bachata-A Popular Social and Wedding Dance

Bachata-A Popular Social and Wedding Dance

Anyone frequenting a salsa club has come across the latest rage, the Bachata. Its’ three steps and a tap make it flexible to interpretation in multiple music genres. This sexy club dance is simple and easy for most dancers to learn.


The Bachata is a Caribbean dance that originated in the Dominican Republic. The first Bachata song was recorded in 1962 in the Dominican Republic. It was a slow and romantic dance and played by solo guitar. By 1972 the Bachata had denigrated to a dance of ill repute associated with prostitution. The Bachata was danced by the poorer classes of the Dominican Republic. In 1992 the song “Bachata Rose” burst onto the international scene winning a Grammy and adding legitimacy to the dance. It has rose in popularity at salsa clubs nationwide since then.


mambo dance dip

mambo dance dip

The Bachata was influenced by the Merengue and Bolero. The Bachata is comprised of simple steps in a side to side or progressive steps. Its’ pattern is danced with three steps and a tap with a hip pop action. It is danced with knees softly flexed allowing for Cuban motion in the hips, and a hip lift on the tap. The Rhythm is 1,2, 3, tap on 4.  The Bachata music is played at 90-100 beats per minute with 4/4 time music characterized by guitars and percussive instruments.


  1. sexy club dance
  2. A Caribbean dance from the Dominican Republic
  3. influenced by the merengue and Bolero
  4. Played at 90-100 beats per minute with
  5. 4/4 time music
  6. Rhythm is 1,2, 3, tap on 4

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