Godmother’s 7 Tips for Mother-Son wedding dance

Godmother’s 7 Tips for Mother-Son wedding dance

Godmother fairy and Charming Prince Dance

Dancing looks easy, and it is magical when done well. I have danced for three decades helping mothers and sons discover the joy of dancing at weddings. While learning cannot be done with the wave of a wand, it can be an enchanting experience, if you take the time and energy to learn. I have compiled some tips by Godmother from ‘Shrek 2’ on dancing with her son Charming.

Godmother’s 7 tips for dancing with your Charming son:Prince Charming

  1. “So here comes my sweet remedy” …

    Grab your charming son and schedule some time for dance lessons 3 months in advance of his wedding.
  2. “I don’t care whose fault this was” ….

    We all make mistakes. Do not be afraid to make some mistakes when learning to dance.
  3. “Your troubles will soon be gone”…

    Work with a dance professional to fit your song to the perfect moves for the two of you.
  4. “Worries will vanish”…

    Once you have put your choreography together and practiced it to perfection, then you can dance with without a worry at your son’s Godmother and Charming dancewedding.
  5. “Set a new fashion trend”…

    With enough time you can put together a hot mash-up or funky dance to rock the reception!
  6. “I’ll make you fancy, I’ll make you great”…

    If you follow the advice of your dance expert, and practice, practice, practice, you can dance as fancy and fabulous as you like.
  7. “Remember, happiness is just a teardrop away”…

    Once you move past any learning blocks, momentum picks up and your dancing can take wings. All the learning challenges will move behind you as your new skills sink in.

Do start working on your dance 3-6 months in advance of your wedding. Here is a link to popular Mother-Son songs. Click here if you would like a personal evaluation of what will fit you best.

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