5 flower Trends & 6 Florist tips with Littleton’s Woodlawn Floral on Holly’s hot wedding tips.

5 flower Trends & 6 Florist tips with Littleton’s Woodlawn Floral on Holly’s hot wedding tips.Floral wedding gown

Fresh flowers smell wonderful and add color to weddings. Knowing how to pick your wedding flowers can help make your experience more pleasant. To help you I met with Marsha from Littleton’s Woodlawn Floral to learn what you need to know about wedding flowers.

5 Flower Trends:

  1. Anything goes, not just white, but any color.
  2. Brides are choosing flowers grown locally.
  3. Rustic Mountain wedding flowers are very popular for Colorado Mountain Weddings.
  4. Contemporary wedding flowers that are over the top Pinterest style.
  5. Most unusual arrangement was an arrangement of Gardenias, a flashback to the 50’s.

wedding tea set6 Florist tips:

  1. Have a vision of what you like, and be open to adjusting it to your budget.
  2. Pick the flowers you love, and enjoy the process.
  3. Do not pick a florist on price alone, the least expensive one may not produce what you are looking for.
  4. Choose a florist that you feel confidant that they will do what they say.
  5. Do you feel that warmth and trust them?
  6. Really find somewhere that you can connect with. Find a florist you like and you can trust that they will do what they say as well as have the experience to do it.

wedding red birds

Best tip for brides:

Focus on the big picture. Your large pieces are your ceremony, your reception, your food, and music. Avoid getting lost in the details of what color your place cards are, how to make guest gifts, etc. Stay focused on what is important, you and your fiancée. Relax and enjoy the process of planning. Get out and tour event centers, add the flowers that you love the most to your arrangements. Don’t allow the little things to rob you of your joy. Moms, have patience with your children as they sort out their wedding plans.

Special thanks to Marsha from Littleton’s Woodlawn Floral for her wedding advice. You can contact her at 1799 West Littleton Blvd. Littleton, CO 80120 (303)794-0267, (800)275-0872, http://www.littletonwoodlawnfloral.com/

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(Holly–>) Good morning Marsha, welcome to Holly’s hot wedding tips. It’s so good to have you talking to us from Littleton’s Woodlawn floral about flowers.

What are the current trends this year for flowers in weddings?

(Marsha –>)Anything goes anymore it seems. There’s so much with the different colors, it used to be that there was just one thing all white everybody wanted all white, now it’s like everything because there’s people who like very mountainy types of weddings because of where we are in Colorado and then those who want a contemporary all out kind of design. The only thing that I have noticed is there’s more of a trend towards local. Brides will choose flowers that are local over bringing them from say Holland or elsewhere. They’ll ask what’s available locally.

(Holly –>) What’s the most unusual wedding arrangement you’ve ever made? 

(Marsha –>) We had one that she wanted Gardenias and even though Gardenia is normal it’s not normal anymore.

(Holly –>) When was Gardenia popular before? 

(Marsha –>) You would see them in the grand days in the 50’s. Like ones that went to the floor, people don’t get those long cascading ones that go to the floor anymore. And Gardenias are always oh so delicate and they bruise easily but we got to do a whole bunch of them.

(Holly –>) What’s the most common mistake you see couples making?

(Marsha –>) They think they’re prepared but they really aren’t, little details overwhelm them more than they picture, like they get stuck on all these little things rather than looking at the whole entire day.

(Holly –>) Big picture v.s. detail oriented. What don’t couples know about floral arrangements that they need to know for weddings? 

(Marsha –>) It’s important that they don’t just copy something that they add what they really like. With pintrest so popular you can see a gazillion things and sometimes it’s so overwhelming they think “that’s what’s in style” and they forget to throw in there little things that they like. Like maybe blue has always been a favorite but blue has not been in any of the pictures they’ve been looking at so they sort of toss it out. I think sometimes that our massive information sort of gets in the way of customizing your choice.

(Holly –>) What questions should couples be asking that they don’t think to ask you? 

(Marsha –>) I like to remind them of things, traditions, a lot of people don’t talk a lot about traditions anymore everyone is starting their own new thing. But I like to ask what their mother or grandmother carried or if there’s a favorite in the garden that they like because sometimes people do know that garden flowers are different then cut flowers. But I like them to think about what is something that would bring a connection not just the now and today but bring in some relatives and history, family traditions.

(Holly –>) So tying their past with their present.

What’s the best piece of advice you have for couples planning a wedding?

(Marsha –>) To relax, they do get a little tense about flowers. And yet the flowers to me should be the easiest fun part. Getting a venue is hard you have to do that, getting your tuxes, the attire is important and takes more time. With flowers they should be able to just relax and not have those feelings of stress. It’s not timing so much as it is they pick what is for them. It’s not about, yes things come and go with seasons but you can get anything anywhere in the world now a days.

(Holly –>) What would you recommend them to do to help them relax when they’re planning?

(Marsha –>) I think outings, if they go out to some of these a lot of times, I know especially with my kids, they look at everything on their phones. But if you go out to a place you go out to areas, things they like, and they see things in person I think it makes it a little more less stressful on one hand because they actually see something. And then they know right away, “Oh this is something, what i’d like to do outdoor” or “No this is a beautiful church building I love this”. But if you’re just looking on your phone I think sometimes its hard to really get that feel where they really will be comfortable doing something.

(Holly –>) What tips do you have for mothers helping their kids plan their weddings? Seeing as it sounds like you helped your kids plan a few weddings.

(Marsha –>) Oh no not my kids. They did that all on their own my son eloped in Las Vegas so I didn’t get to do flowers, he did do a reception. I think for parents the hardest thing is to just wait, you’re waiting on them and you can encourage them with timing, and getting their venues, choosing their florist, but you have to wait. They go through so much information with the internet, Facebook, Pinterest, they’re just gathering so much it just takes time to really sift through it all and for parents they just have to wait on it.

(Holly –>) What would you recommend a bride and groom do to pick the right florist? What steps should they take? What should they consider at a florist?

(Marsha –>) I think experience and sort of their taste also. I wouldn’t say price because anyone can do any price and any good florist can do any price. So it’s really not price as much as it’s about being confidant that they will do what they say. There’s a trust you have to build, is there confidence and trust? Because they can say lots of things, most florists are pretty good sales people, but do you feel that warmth and trust in them? You do believe you’ll get the right flower, you do believe that they understand what you like. Because if you don’t have that and they say, “Oh yeah we can do it for 1.50” it makes you wonder. So that would be my advice to really find somewhere that you can connect and trust that they will do what they say and have the experience to do it.