5 Hot dessert trends & 7 questions to ask before cost…with Salted Sweets on Holly’s hot wedding tips

5 Hot dessert trends & 7 questions to ask before cost…with Salted Sweets on Holly’s hot wedding tipsRose cakes

Don’t you just love dessert? If it was me I would have dessert first. But having dessert first does not work at a wedding. So I met with Amy from Salted sweets about organic wedding treats.

5 Hot dessert trends:

  1. Rustic cake- you can use a spackle look, or do a very rustic sticks and leaves piped sticks all over a butter cream frosting
  2. Naked cake- it is a cake which has no frosting on the outside and has a lot of fruit or leaves and berries to decorate the outside.
  3. Grab and go- small desserts that your guests can help themselves to. Cupcakes or ice cream and cookie bars work well.
  4. Macaroons- these are the hot dessert bar addition.
  5. A small two tear cake- with grab and go options it is a good idea to add a personal cake for cutting and photographs.

Gold Chocolate Cinnamon Macs

Do you wonder what the most important question to ask your dessert specialist may be? Here are some important questions to ask before price.

7 questions to ask before asking about pricing…

  1. Present your vision and style to your dessert specialist. Integrate your color theme, or style in your dessert. Is your wedding rustic or classic? Is it in the afternoon or evening?
  2. What desserts are you passionate about? Do you love carrot cake or chocolate? A Classic cake or something unique?
  3. Do they use organic ingredients?
  4. Do they use local ingredients?
  5. Does it taste good? Running out of dessert because everyone loved it is a good thing.
  6. Can they adapt a Pinterest idea to your wedding? Pintrest options can get costly, so adapting an online idea to fit your event works well.
  7. Take your vision and then tailor it to your budget. Most professionals will work with you to tailor your vison to your budget once you share your vision with them.


Thank you Amy Sayles-Huffman Pastry Designer from Salted Sweets for your input. You can contact Amy at 949.422.2058 http://www.saltedsweets.com , EatSaltedSweets@gmail.com , http://www.etsy.com/shop/SaltedSweets

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Transcript:Wedding cupcakes

(Holly –>) Good morning Amy, welcome to Holly’s hot wedding tips. I’m so excited to have you from salted sweets. You specialize in the delectable desserts for brides for weddings. (Amy –>) Yes all kinds of customized desserts, wedding cakes, dessert bars. All that good stuff, so a little bit of everything but just getting started here for this wedding season.

(Holly –>) What are the hottest trends in desserts?

(Amy –>) So this year is a little bit different then the years past although not so much as last year. Last year really rustic cakes were in, kind of like the spackle look which is really popular this year. But this year a lot of brides are opting to go with the naked cake. Which is basically a cake which has no frosting on the outside and has a lot of fruit or leaves and berries and things like that kinda to decorate the outside. So you can actually see the layers of the cake around. And also macaroons are also huge this year. Yeah macaroons are like really, really popular and they’re gonna be the big thing to have so a lot of brides are gonna do a small two tear cake for cutting and photographs and then have either a dessert bar or a macaroon display off to the side there for their guests.

(Holly –>) So finger like foods that you can just grab and go that you don’t have to be served.

(Amy –>) Grab and go and I actually was just reading this morning that ice cream bars are a big thing which I was really excited about because when I got married in April of 2015 we had an ice cream and cookie bar and I was like, “Yay for being a trend setter!”

(Holly –>) What’s the most unique wedding that you’ve ever done?

(Amy –>) So I had a wedding about two years ago and it was for one of my girlfriends that I’ve known since I was three and her and her now husband they got married in parker, so not too far. And they wanted to do a very rustic sticks and leaves kind of theme. It was in the fall and so her whole wedding cake was covered in butter cream and then I piped sticks all over it and it was so beautiful because it was all the centerpieces on the tables were all just bare sticks and so the cake tied together with all of that. Then their bouquets were very simple browns, and greens, and whites not too overpowering so that one was really fun because it was for somebody that I knew. And it was very interesting looking cake you don’t really see a lot like that.

(Holly –>) What do brides need to know about desserts and different options for their wedding?

(Amy –>) So pretty much, do what you want to do. I mean, ya naked cakes might be a thing or macaroons might be really popular right now but if you like a really classic cake just plain with buttercream and ribbon, go with it. If you want something a little more intricate, know that you’re gonna pay a little more for it but it’s worth it. If you want to wow the guests, great, wow the guests. But I think that it’s an overall rule not just for desserts but in general that, although things might be popular just do what you want to do at the end of the day it’s your wedding, and if you like carrot cake then get carrot cake. Maybe your guests aren’t gonna like it but it’s your wedding so maybe get one teared carrot cake and then the other one is chocolate or vanilla. But I think that they need to know that the day although it goes so fast and it’s so crazy it’s little things, like the ice cream cookie bar that we had. My husband still talks about it he’s like, “That was so awesome.” and that was almost a year ago and he still talks about it. It’s little details like that whether it’s the flavor of the cake or your design specialty that you kind of make it your own, but also know that if you’re gonna do something a little more extravagant then you’re gonna end up paying for it

(Holly –>)So the more intricate the more work that goes into it, the more costly it is.

(Amy –>) Exactly so I mean basically you’re paying not only for the product but also for the time and labor.

(Holly –>) What questions should brides and grooms be asking that they don’t know to ask about desserts? 

(Amy –>) So this one kind of ties in with the previous question which is great. What they should be asking is what their style, not necessarily asking but more like, this is my vision, this is my color scheme. I like to know where brides and grooms are getting married because it gives me the idea if people are getting married in a big ballroom they generally don’t want something so rustic vs if people are getting married out in larkspur they usually want a little bit more rustic and kind of country style. They should be asking more like, what can I do to make my vision complete without breaking the bank? Because, yes I’m in it to make money obviously I’m a business person but I also understand brides and grooms are on a budget and they need to work around certain things and a lot of times the cake ends up being the bottom of the barrel. And I like to work with brides, I had a bride and she asked me to do this super intricate four tear fondue covered cake, hand piped and all this stuff for a beautiful cake but her budget was about half of what that cake would have cost so we worked together and I kind of gave her some ideas and we kind of modified the cake from its original huge vision, Pinterest vogue look, Pinterest is not real life Pinterest is a bunch of fake display cakes that people do to get people talking and get ideas out, which I do it myself I’m guilty. But the whole point behind Pinterest is not to say “this is exactly what I want” Pinterest is to say “ok I like this aspect” and how can we modify this to make this work with my budget.

(Holly –>) To have a real world cake inspired by other world Pinterest. What tips do you have for brides when they’re planning their wedding? What kinds of things are you seeing that they ought to know?

(Amy –>) I feel like as a recent bride myself I kind of have a lot of like perspective on trends and things like that and last year when I got married things weren’t in style and I was like “That is not me at all” I just did what I wanted this is what I wanted to do. I wanted it to be vintage inspired but it was also a little bit of country. People were like that’s crazy you can’t mix burlap and glitter you just do it and I was like, “Watch me” and I did it and it was amazing. And it came out, I’m not trying to toot my own horn here, but I feel like my vision came together and like this year mauves and neutral colors are really in, like this shirt and the shirt you’re wearing, like the very neutrals. But some brides don’t like these kinds of pastel-y colors they want pop they want bright yellows, and bright blues, and things like that. Great do it! Like at the end of the day I feel like it’s your cake or your bride’s maid dresses I mean you don’t want people walking around looking like big bird but if you want to have yellow do yellow, have yellow accents. Do want you want to do because at the end of the day it’s your day and if you’re not happy with, you know the color of your brides maid dresses is mauve and you really wanted them to be yellow you’re gonna be really grumpy on your wedding day because you’re not gonna have the vision come together like you want it to. So take these ideas from Pinterest or google or where ever and bring them together to make your own vision, don’t just copy someone else’s.

(Holly –>) What don’t brides know about desert businesses that they need to know? Especially sweet treats?

(Amy –>) At salted sweets the thing that you’re really paying for is the quality a lot of bakeries unfortunately have turned to using mixes for cakes and buttercreams and things like that and everything that I make is from scratch with exception of the fondant which I am working on my recipes   for making my own fondant it’s a little taxing but I’m working on it, it’s just the right ratio but I make all my cakes all my fillings, butter-creams everything is made from scratch to order and I use as much local organic and sustainable product as I possibly can. So for me specifically about my bushiness the thing that you’re really paying for is not only the time and the decoration but you’re really paying for the quality of the product some brides don’t really care if they’re cake doesn’t taste good but I’m finding more and more that people are willing to pay for something that tastes good because they realize they’re paying for it anyways so they may as well get something good out of it for an extra 50 cents a head instead of it just going into the trash. Because most people take one bite go “this is gross” and they don’t eat it vs making something that’s delicious and then people are running out of cake because people are “can I get a second piece?” I’ve actually had brides that said “We had 20 extra servings and they’re gone” and the bride and groom didn’t end up getting cake so I’m remaking them their topper because I felt so bad “It’s your wedding and you didn’t even get your cake” but I think that for me specifically I was raised in a home where we ate a lot of organic products. My dad was an organic farmer so I don’t like to use things with preservatives I mean obviously it’s hard because any kind of white flower is stripped and then they add things to it and it’s hard to get that completely organic but I use as high level quality as I can I try to use king Arthur flower and organic sugar and things like that and yeah you’re gonna pay a little bit more but at the end of the day you’re getting organic, you’re getting local and it’s a little better for you. And it tastes delicious.