Star wars wedding in refined woodland setting, Boettcher mansion on Holly’s hot wedding tips.

Star wars wedding in refined woodland setting, Boettcher mansion on Holly’s hot wedding tips.Patio boettcher Mansion


Don’t you love weddings? I do. And there is nothing more memorable than stunning historic mountain wedding locations. So when I had the chance to interview Megan from Boettcher Mansion, I high tailed it to the mountains to hear her hot wedding tips.


Traditional weddings at Boettcher

  1. Boettcher Mansion is a stunning location for all-in-one weddings. Brides have both indoor and outdoor options for both the ceremony and the reception. Inside has the additional convenience of air conditioning.
  2. Boettcher has all the rural mountain feel without the commute. Conveniently located close to Golden with a charming historic district and great accommodations.
  3. Winter wedding are cozy in the fireside room.


Hot Mansion wedding trends:Patio boettcher Mansion

  1. Refined Woodland wedding-surrounded by evergreens on the top of Lookout Mountain. Couples like dancing outside on the patio under the café lights.
  2. Rustic Weddings– with the woodsy feels and mountain chateaux feel.


Most creative Boettcher wedding:

  1. Star War’s themed October wedding
  2. Bride and groom dressed up as Leia and Han Solo
  3. R2d2 was the ring bearer

    Darth Vader dancing with daughter Leia

    Darth Vader dancing with daughter Leia

  4. Guests were encouraged to wear Halloween costumes
  5. Darth Vader’s Wedding dance Tips


What you should know about Boettcher Mansion:

  1. Boettcher Mansion turns 100 years old in 2017.
  2. It is a historic property owned by Jefferson County.
  3. Boettcher Mansion is convenient to the airport just off of the freeway.
  4. Mansion staff pride themselves on having excellent customer service we always returning clients phone calls and emails in a very timely manner.
  5. Boettcher Mansion It is a non- smoking building, with designated smoking areas outside.
  6. You may use candles and flower petals with some restrictions.
  7. The Boettcher Mansion special events coordinator is available to answer your questions and assist with on-site planning.


Top tips for couples:Winter wedding

  1. Don’t cut corners on essentials. Hire good vendors so you can enjoy your day instead of asking your family and friends to work for you.
  2. Keep a notebook with all the information from each event center so you can compare features from center to center.



A special thanks to Megan the Event Coordinator for Boettcher mansion. You can contact her at 720-497-7630


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(Holly) –> Good morning Megan. It is so good to have you on Holly’s hot wedding tips it is very exciting to be here at Boettcher Mansion and you are the events coordinator. (Megan) –> I am I’ve worked here for 11 years.
(Holly) –> What have you done for traditional weddings at Boettcher Mansion?
(Megan) –> We find a lot of times clients choose to have their ceremony and reception at our location, what’s really nice though is we are air conditioned so when you have your summer wedding up here your guests can stay nice and cool. We’re also located in the mountains so being at 7500 ft we are 10 degrees cooler than Denver which makes a big difference on those really hot summer days. A lot of times we will have our ceremony on the back patio followed by a cocktail hour in our front garden and then the reception inside the big fireside room where we are today. It’s also really nice to have a winter wedding up here because you can be in front of the fireplace here and then have your reception in the fireside room as well.
(Holly) –> What are the current trends in weddings? (Megan) –> The current trends are refined woodlands which fits perfectly with our setting here because we are surrounded by an evergreen forest we’ve actually had a lot of photoshoots done up here by different vendors in the area because they know that the mansion fits perfectly with that refined woodlands photoshoot and feel. We’ve also found that clients really enjoyed having their first dances and dancing out on the back patio we’ve added some bistro lights out there so that it adds a really nice ambiance and it’s just a different feel to have your dancing and reception outside here in the mountains.

(Holly) –> What’s the most unusual wedding ceremony you’ve ever done? (Megan) –> We did one on Halloween and the bride and groom were dressed up like star wars the officiant was dressed up like the cat in the hat and they had an R2D2 robot as their ring bearer. So he went down the ramp out to the back patio to deliver the rings to the couple. (Holly) –> Did all of their guests dress up as well? Did they all have star wars costumes? (Megan) –> Mostly halloween feel and costumes.
(Holly)–> What’s the most common mistake you see couples making? (Megan) –> What I find a lot of times is couples try to cut too many costs. So they don’t get professional vendors which makes a huge difference in just the atmosphere and overall dynamic of the wedding, they’ll have their mothers doing the cleanup at the end which you want to have your special people in your life enjoy your wedding day too you don’t want to have them working so hire a professional vendor, professional caterer, professional photographers, and DJ’s so that your day can be a day to remember and you’re not working on your wedding day.
(Holly) –> That’s good advice what don’t brides ask about an event center that they should be asking? (Megan) –> I’ve thought about that and our brides and grooms are typically really prepared and educated. They usually come with questions to ask they come with a binder so that they can store all of the information in it. So when you start going to other venues and really comparing you have all your information right there so I think people are really educated these days because everything is so easy to get online.
(Holly) –> What don’t brides know about Boettcher mansion? What makes you guys so special?

(Megan) –> Boettcher mansion is turning 100 years old next year so in 2017 we’re going to be 100 years old. We also pride ourselves on having excellent customer service we always return our clients phone calls and emails in a very timely manner because I know what it’s like when I reach out to other companies and I’m waiting and waiting and waiting to hear back from them so it’s really nice that they can call us, get a real person to answer the phone and if they do need to leave a message we’ll call them by the end of the day. We are also the mountain feel without the mountain drive so we’re relatively close to the airport we’re about a 45 minute drive but when you’re here you feel like you’re in the mountains you don’t have to go all the way into the mountains, the two to three hour drives and a lot of your guests are already going to be traveling a distance across the country anyways to get here you don’t want to have them get in a car and drive for several hours after they’re already here. I also hear that the fireside room is what people expect a Colorado wedding to look like. So you walk in, there’s the stone walls we’re surrounded by evergreen forest we have a beautiful view of the mountains in the front garden area so it’s just a really nice feel for the guests