Beer wedding and tips with Mt Vernon Country Club on Holly’s Hot Wedding Tips

Beer wedding and tips with Mt Vernon Country Club on Holly’s Hot Wedding Tips ceremony Mt Vernon Country Club wedding


Don’t you think Colorado has the most beautiful mountains for weddings? I think rustic weddings are beautiful. A very lovely location for rustic and mountain chick weddings is the Mt. Vernon Country Club. It is located close to Golden on the side of Lookout Mountain. I had the privilege of meeting with Krystal the events manager for Mt. Vernon Country Club about mountain weddings.


Everyone pictures a different traditional wedding, here is a list of traditional elements found at Mt. Vernon Country Club.


Traditional Mountain weddings:Mt Vernon Country Club wedding


  • Feature Aspen trees
  • Burlap accents
  • Outdoorsy Flowers
  • Wild Flowers
  • Pine and Pinecone accents
  • Mason Jars
  • Bunt Cakes
  • Homey feel


Unique Beer Wedding ideas:beer wedding


  • Line the isle with Growlers
    Beer mixing ceremony Dark beer mixed with light as the two become one ( think black and tan)
  • Mason Jars on the tables
  • Serve local craft beers at the reception
  • Use hops and wheat in your arrangements
  • Do a beer tour for your bachelor or bachelorette party
  • Add a beer and cheese or chocolate with pretzels tasting to your cocktail hr.
  • Serve beer cheese soup
  • Wear bottle cap cufflinks
  • Make custom coasters as your guest gift


There are lots of good things to know about Mt. Vernon Country club. I have listed just a few below.

Tips from the Mt. Vernon Country Club:Mt vernon wedding


  • You are not required to be a member to host a wedding or event at Mt Vernon County club
  • Located on Lookout Mountain with stunning mountain views minus the commute.
  • At 7900 vertical feet, do remind guests to drink plenty of water to avoid altitude sickness.
  • Wear sunblock to skip sunburn due to higher elevation contributes to sunburn.
  • Remember a day of planner to take on the stresses on the day of your wedding.
  • Hire professionals to make your day a pleasant experience for you and your guests.
  • When shopping for a reception location always remember to itemize what is and is not included.



Thank you to Krystal from the Mt Vernon Country Club 24933 Clubhouse Circle Golden Co 80401




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(Holly) –> Good morning Krystal. Welcome to Holly’s hot wedding tips it’s so exciting to be here at Mount Vernon Country Club.
What do you traditionally do here at Mt. Vernon Country Club for weddings? (Krystal) –> Our traditional wedding out here is more of the mountain theme it’s gonna be aspen trees, burlap, you’re gonna see a lot of more wild outdoorsy flowers for everything.
(Holly) –> What are the more unusual weddings you’ve done here at Mt. Vernon Country Club? (Krystal) –> A couple weekends ago we did a Colorado Beer themed wedding. We did mason jars on the tables, we had growlers running the isle way. We actually did a beer mixing ceremony instead of your typical sand mixing ceremony, they mixed two different kinds of beer together. (Holly) –> What beer did they mix? (Krystal) –>It was actually a dark stout beer and a lighter beer that they mixed together.

(Holly) –> What are the current trends you see this year in weddings? (Krystal) –> For us it’s been pretty much the same for the last couple of years. We’re seeing a lot of burlap, we’re seeing a lot of the mason jars just kind of the more homey feel. We’ve been seeing a lot of bunt cakes the last two years. It’s kind of stepping away from those traditional wedding cakes and doing more of the bunt cake type of thing.
(Holly) –> What common mistakes do you see brides and grooms making when they’re planning their weddings?  (Krystal) –> A lot of it is they get very stressed out over the small things. Things like making sure you have shuttle services when you’re on a mountain property. Making sure that you have somebody there to take care of the bride and groom. A lot of times brides try to take it upon themselves and they don’ t realize that they’re being pulled around in every direction for pictures and talking with people and so you always want to have somebody designated to handle the small things that we don’t have to bother the bride and groom with. (Holly) –> So you are coordinating the actual event center but you’re saying they need someone to coordinate the actual day of activities. (Krystal) –> Not necessarily a coordinator sometimes just a friend, somebody that we can go to for the small things like, “Oh hey this person wants to sit over here. Or do we need to push back the meal service 15mins” Just the small things that you don’t want to bother the bride and groom with that aren’t gonna make a huge impact but you’re still gonna want somebody that is kind of that designated point person.
(Holly) –> What don’t brides know about event centers? What questions should they be asking? (Krystal) –> One of the biggest things is every venue includes different things. Some venues will include your tables, your chairs, you linens, your napkins, some event centers don’t include that stuff. Some provide your food and beverage, some don’t. Do they have an onsite coordinator that’s gonna help with your ceremony or is that gonna be solely upon that person? Things like what service charges that the venues charge because those are a “hidden fear” those service charges and those really make an impact on your budget just making sure you’re in the know with all of those things. (Holly) –> So have a checklist of what we do and do not provide in event centers.
What don’t brides know about Mt Vernon Country Club that they should know when they come here to do their weddings? (Krystal) –> First and foremost you don’t have to be a member to have your wedding here and that’s a common mistake for country clubs or private clubs. Most think that they have to be a member in order to even have their event here. Another great thing about Mt. Verne is that it’s really close to Denver for the mountain views that we have and our location. We’re close to everything you don’t have to go up to Aspen or Veil to still get those beautiful mountain views. (Holly) –> So that’s really convenient when they’re flying in from the airport, we don’t have as far to go into the mountains. So do you have a lower rate of altitude sickness? (Krystal) –> We’re still pretty high up there we are 79,000 ft above elevation so we let all of our brides know any out of town guests are drinking plenty of water coming up here. Keeping hydrated and even though it feels cooler out you still are impacted by the sun. You’re still gonna get sunburns and everything up here just because we are closer to the sun