4 ways to express your wedding style with furniture with Martin from Couch on Holly’s Hot Wedding Tips.

4 ways to express your wedding style with furniture with Martin from Couch on Holly’s Hot Wedding Tips.bride on couch in woods

Don’t you think your wedding should be as unique as you are? Adding custom furniture to your event can create a unique feel for your wedding. I met with Martin Willson from Couch to find out about furniture rentals for your wedding.

4 ways to express your wedding style with furniture:

  1. Set a Modern mood with a white seating arrangement
  2. Set lounge seating around a fire pit for a rustic feel.
  3. Set Vintage furniture out for a period feel.
  4. Set mix and match furniture out for an eclectic feel.

wedding style with couchMartin started couch to fill the niche of custom furniture for weddings. His passion was to provide a comfortable place to sit other than the dining table. There is nothing better than having a comfortable place to flop down after dancing and lounge furniture is a perfect fit.

When you rent seating, ask how many people the arrangement will seat. If you have 100 people at your wedding you’re not going to have 100 seats of lounge furniture. You probably just want to have a group of furniture that 10-15 people can sit on, because everybody else can be dancing or sitting at the tables, eating, or chatting at the bar. The furniture is a place to get away. Renting furniture is not inexpensive. A grouping can run around $450 depending on the exact pieces selected, and includes the set up and tear down of your seating. Occasionally there may cost extra to set it up in remote destinations, so remember to discuss where your venue is and where the within the venue you are setting it up.

Thank you so much Martin Willson from Couch. You can contact him at Martin Willson at CouchMartin from Couch 565 70th Ave, Unit 4-E Denver, CO 80229 Ph: 720-338-0319<tel:720-338-0319> E-mail: martin@couchcolorado.com<mailto:martin@couchcolorado.com>



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(Holly) Good morning Martin, welcome to Holly’s hot wedding tips. It is so good to have you here from couch. What an exciting company to have, what inspired you to start your business? (Martin) To fill a niche I for furniture to make it more accessible to people. There weren’t many companies that offered furniture and furniture alone.  I don’t really (bill?) myself as a designer for your wedding I just bring lounge furniture and I’ll design that one lounge but yeah I felt like you get to be somebody who brings lounge furniture and just lounge furniture and that makes it less expensive and more accessible for the weddings, cooperate events, even green room too.

(Holly) Why rent furniture for a wedding? (Martin) Just to give your guests a comfortable place to kick back and relax, to sit down and talk other than a dining table. If you’ve been dancing too much and you’re tired and you want to flop down and relax I can help do that.

(Holly) What’s the most unusual wedding you’ve ever done furniture for? (Martin) For furniture I did one at blanc that was really nice and I used my modern couches there was another company, Gretchen with Yonder who came in with her vintage furniture and put her stuff around it and she had some vintage rugs and it looked really nice the wedding itself wasn’t that unusual but the look of it was really cool, really eclectic. She designed it out with my modern furniture around it, it looked really good. But as far as unusual like a quirky wedding for furniture I’ve only been in business a year and a half so I think that’s coming.

(Holly) What’s the most memorable wedding that you’ve done furniture for? (Martin)  The most memorable wedding I did furniture for was probably that same wedding at Blanc but I did another wedding that was outside on a breezy night and it was just beautiful. White furniture on I think it was an August night about 72 degrees it was a beautiful night it was around a fireplace as well so. I’ve had my furniture get rained on so that made it memorable as well but for a different reason but rain doesn’t bother the furniture that much.

(Holly –>) What don’t couples know about furniture rental that they need to know? (Martin) I’ll be honest it’s probably more expensive than they expect to pay. It’s not, I think they might see a commercial from “Rent a center” they’re gonna rent you furniture for a hundred dollars a room or something like that it’s a different aspect that I have to fill because I have to loan that furniture each time it goes out, set it in your spot at your venue, come back pick it up bring it back, clean it, put it away and store it for as long as it takes. I think there are some brides who are surprised by the price but there are others who say wow you are less expensive but they maybe got some quotes from some other folks.

(Holly) What’s the average furniture rental run? (Martin) For a lounge grouping say a couch and two chairs around a coffee table and with the livre and everything I’m around $450 dollars. Sometimes a little more sometimes a little less depending on what furniture you get.

(Holly –>) Do you look at it as an all-day sort of rental or…? (Martin) All day, and I rent furniture for up to a week by the event because all the work is in moving it, loading it, setting it down. Once you have it there it’s fine, and that helps with the three day events like conventions and things like that. I’ve never done a three day wedding, god forbid.

(Holly –>) But for, like you said, a convention or an event, or a show that it can come in and be set up in that same- (Martin) Yep same price.

(Holly –>) What questions should customers and couples be asking about furniture rental that they don’t know to ask? (Martin) Just the same things they can ask “does it cost more to heft it up a hill?” if its way off in a in a distant plain somewhere and I have to haul it by hand I will charge a little extra but otherwise if I have to go up a flight of stairs I don’t charge extra I keep it all the same rate. And they should ask how many people it can seat too. If you have 100 people at your wedding you’re not going to have 100 seats of lounge furniture. You probably just want to have a group of furniture that 15 people can sit on, because everybody else can be dancing or sitting at the tables, eating, or chatting at the bar. The furniture is just furniture is just kind of a place to maybe get away. You can have it outside but yeah and that’s another question is the venue. And i’ll ask that question too what your venue likes because I can put the furniture off to the side in someplace quiet or you can put it next to the dance floor.

(Holly –>) What’s your best piece of advice for couples planning a wedding? (Martin) Get a wedding planner. Take dance lessons and get a wedding planner. Wedding planners will help get the prices to help you with your whole experience even if you want to do some DIY with it the wedding planners can offer their services on so many levels, so many prices, but they could be day of but yeah. Get a wedding planner and they’ll help you out even if you’re doing it at your house maybe even get a day of. A wedding planner can really help your wedding they can keep it smooth and make it about your wedding