A Tangled Father Daughter dance at Pradera Country Club 2016

A Tangled Father Daughter dance at Pradera Country Club 2016 Adventures in Dance at Pradera

Don’t you think Daddies spending an evening with their daughters is so cute? I do. The Club at Pradera loves Father’s and Daughters as well. They do an outstanding job of putting together memorable events.

This year Mel at Pradera put together a ‘Tangled’ themed party.  For dinner Mel planned a Snuggly duckling inspired menu.
Stabbing brother’s smoked oysters,
Smoked Salmon,
Cocktail Shrimp, and ceviche scallops,
Big Mine’s Lettuce spring salad, Dancing at Pradera Country Club
Rapunzel’s Rainbow fruit Kabobs,
Braded and Tangled herb bread,
Mother Gothel’s Famous Mac & Cheese,
Best day ever chicken nuggets,
Captain of the Guard sausage sampler with peppers and onions,
Wanted Flynn Ryder Brownie,
Rapunzel’s Lantern strawberry Lace cheesecake,
Maximus’s Apple Crisp Munch.dad and daughter at Pradera

Tangled music was played by Adventures in Dance as the guests arrived. Dads posed for portraits with their daughter’s throughout the night. Rapunzel mixed with the girls and sang with them. After the dessert bar Dad’s took to the floor with their daughters for the Hokey pokey and other fun line dances.

Each girl got to take home a cookie and a floating lantern. The snow was to wet to light the lanterns at the end of the party. Drowsy daughters and daring daddies made their way home after 8 pm from this outstanding event. I am looking forward to seeing what next year brings.

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