Hidden wedding treasures at Grandpa’s attic on Holly’s Hot Wedding Tips

Hidden wedding treasures at Grandpa’s attic on Holly’s Hot Wedding Tipsrhinestone accessories at Grandpa's Attic Littleton


Don’t you love finding out of the way treasures? I love shopping in downtown Littleton, a historic treasure. Just off of Main Street you can find Grandpa’s attic, run by Russ and Barb. It is full of unusual treasures to add the perfect touch to your wedding.



I met with Barb to find out what this curious shop has to offer for weddings. She had Tiara at Grandpa's attic Littletonaccessories and eclectic accents hiding throughout her shop. For traditional weddings she has tiaras, bling accessories like rhinestone clips, and toppers at reasonable rates. For unique ideas she has a rubber ducky wedding party,



I asked Barb for her hottest wedding tips. Barb believes that you should make your wedding as unique as you are. Feel free to step out of the box and make it memorable. Barb has outfitted several unique weddings. Read on:


5 Unique weddings that stand outDay of the dead wedding Littleton

  1. Halloween weddings, with ‘Day of the Dead’ toppers and masks,
  2. Star Trek weddings both in uniform or for Klingons
  3. Star Wars themes with Lightsaber salute and archway
  4. Mardi Gras wedding with rhinestone masks and sparklers
  5. Medieval or Renaissance Wedding theme with Dragon toasting glasses, Dragon heart cake toppers, and bubbles


Thank you again to Barb for all her tips. You can find Grandpa’s Attic at 5729 S Curtice St, Littleton, CO 80120 (720) 328-0433 wedding ducks Littleton http://www.grandpas-attic.com/

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(Holly –>) Good day Barb it’s so good to have you here on Holly’s hot wedding tips. It is wonderful to be here in Grandpa’s Attic, how long have you guys owned this? (Barb –>) It will be five years this august.
(Holly –>) What’s the most unusual wedding that you have provided accessories for? (Barb –>) Probably our Halloween weddings, we’ve had quite a few people come in for their cake toppers here. Love never dies day of the dead weddings are really big right now.
(Holly –>) What other kinds of themed weddings stop through here? (Barb –>) Star Trek, people with star trek weddings we do the star trek convention and the weddings are actually held at the convention, so that’s really unique and they have Klingon weddings there and they have regular star trek weddings where people come in their uniforms.

(Holly –>) What’s the most memorable wedding you’ve ever provided embellishments for? (Barb –>) I hope it will be my sons coming up, we sell lightsabers here. They’re reasonably priced light sabers and we’re going to use them as an archway after they leave the reception and instead of bubbles or sparklers, we’re just gonna make an archway with lightsabers because he’s a big star wars fan. We’re keeping it a secret so when they walk out they’ll see it.
(Holly –>) What’s the best tip you have for a couple planning a wedding? (Barb –>)  I think to make it really really different so that it’s really memorable for not only you but your guests, and family, and everybody else. I just think you should make it different, step out of the box. (Holly –>) You’re a great place for stepping out of the box here at Grandpa’s Attic, what kind of unusual wedding things do you have around the store? (Barb –>) Well we do have typical things, we have tiaras which a lot of brides wear. We have very fancy Mardi Gras masks which we provided for a Mardi Gras reception where all of the reception people had masks on, so we sold these really fancy masks for that. The wedding toppers especially Halloween wedding themed but we sell those all year round. I guess that day of the dead is very popular right now. (Holly –>) and then you had dragon toasting glasses. (Barb –>)  We did have a guy come in that bought the dragon mugs for his groom’s men so that at the reception they could all toast with the dragon mugs. So that was fun, he bought like 11 of them, he had 11 grooms men and they all had their mugs. (Holly –>) You also had dragon heart toppers and you were saying those could be customized. (Barb –>) Yes you can paint those they are poly resin and they can be painted to match your colors, they’re pink and blue now but they can be any color you want them to be. (Holly –>) And then you have rubber ducky wedding parties (Barb –>) yes we do, we carry the whole wedding party in rubber ducks and we have the bride and the groom, and the brides maids and the grooms men, and even a little bitty ring bearer and flower girl. (Holly –>) So you can find all kinds of useful accessories for your wedding you were telling me about all of your tiara’s and your bling accessories are typically quite a bit less expensive than at a regular wedding store so this is a great resource for your Rhine stone necklaces and Rhine stone accessories, your hair pieces, your Rhine stone masks so that you have these great deals here as well as other eclectic wedding.