Wild on Littleton goes Medieval

Wild on Littleton goes MedievalMedieval dancers Wild on Littleton

When it comes to block parties, Littleton is a three ring circus. Literally.  For the past several years the theme for the Wild on Littleton Block Party is a circus. So the dancers from Adventures in dance put together their own act.

After performing the Historically Accurate Princess Dances from the Middle ages for the Loveland Medieval festival, we took the show on the road to the wild on Littleton block party. The Adventures in Dance Youth Squad donned their tunics & tabards to demonstrate dances from the Middle Ages. They demonstrated the Saltarello, Greensleeves a country dance, the Bransile de original known as Toss the Duchess, and the Scottish dance Strip the Willow. At the end the audience was invited to join in the Maltese or Turkish Bransile.

Between shows little girls were given magic stones, and took their photos with our princesses. We had Merida from Brave, Sleeping Beauty and Prince Phillip, Robin Hood and Maid Marion, and King Arthur with Guinevere. At about 9 pm the first fireworks were shot off, then at 10:30pm the second set went off with a grand finally being shot off of rooftops. It was a great night to be out in Littleton.

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