3 tips for wedding gown Dance-ability

3 tips for wedding gown Dance-ability

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Don’t you love to shop for new clothes? I do. Shopping for your wedding dress can be an exciting experience. Touring from shop to shop trying amazing gowns for your wedding. You are the centerpiece of your wedding, and you should look amazing in your wedding gown.

There are many aspects to picking the perfect wedding gown.  As a wedding dance teacher, I am going to focus on only one aspect. Dance-ability.

Have fun trying on as many gowns as it takes to find your dream dress. As you are flitting from dress to dress, take a moment to bust a move. See how your dress allows you to get down or spin around. You will spend much of your wedding moving around. From walking down the aisle, hugging guests, and dancing at your reception, you need a gown that will allow you to move freely. Here are some tips for helping your wedding gown measure up.

  • Bustle that train– Holding your train for the entire party is a drag on your arm. It can get in the way of hugging your guests and
    Holly and Craig at their wedding

    Holly and Craig at their wedding

    dancing the night away. Tucked neatly in a bustle will keep your hands free for other fun things.

  • Strap that strapless– Gravity works, and strapless dresses give in to gravity. Pulling your dress up all night as you move from place to place can ruin your photos. The best fix is to have detachable clear yoke straps added to your dress. Then as you do the Wobble your dress will stay in place.
  • Hem high– Dress hems brushing the floor is a lovely sight, but if you lean or slouch the dress pools on the floor where unsuspecting guests can stand on it and cause it to tear. To keep unsuspecting feet off your hem, have the seamstress hem it at your ankle or heal as if you were wearing flats. Then when you lose those heals to dance the night away, your dress can remain intact.

These three tips can enable you to dance your wedding night away with confidence.
Wedding Dance Lesson Special

Wedding Dance Lesson Special

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