Dancing Princesses at Sock-it-to-’em Campaign for Homeless

Dancing Princesses at Sock-it-to-’em Campaign for HomelessDancing Princesses with Mrs. Colorado

“Cold feet warm heart,” is what my mother always told me. She did not like to have cold feet. Neither do the homeless. The Sock-it-to-’em campaign, started by Susan Elizabeth Lee and Phillis Shimamoto, is committed to bringing socks to the homeless nationwide.

Mrs. Colorado, Erica Sharp Shield, came to our Historic Downtown Littleton Merchant’s meeting to encourage merchants to collect socks for the poor. Adventures in Dance immediately jumped in and took a collection box and volunteered our Historically Accurate princesses to dance at her Socks = Love picnic in clement park event.

Dancing Princesses teaching danceOn Saturday, August 6, the historically accurate Dancing Princesses turned out at the park. They included Megara from Hercules (Holly), Merida from Brave (Robyn), Maid Marian from Robin Hood (Julie), Mulan (Sabrina), and Aurora from Sleeping Beauty (Rachel). They took pictures with celebrities and children. After demonstrating a medieval court dance, they gathered the Chatfield High school Cheer Team and the Thunder Ridge High School dance team and taught them a couple of fun Medieval dances, like the Turkish Brawl, Toss the Duchess, and Strip the Willow.

After dancing, drawings were announced, lunch was served, and treats were shared. The Dancing Princesses from Adventures in Dance bid the crowd ado, and took their chariot home. We were all grateful to have the privilege of sharing our talents and Socks with others.Dancing princesses at benifit

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