If the shoe fits- No sore feet at your wedding

If the shoe fits- No sore feet at your wedding  Glass slipper

Cinderella’s sisters cut their heels and toes off to fit their foot in the glass slipper. You do not have to suffer foot pain for your shoes. What you put on your feet will affect how you feel and how you move. I do not dance well if my feet are not happy. You will need happy feet if you are dreaming of floating across the dance floor in the arms of your beloved.

Fashion dictates that tall and narrow heels on platforms are sexy. However, standing for an hour in front of a minister on a cement floor can tax even the strongest of knees and ankles. Top that with dancing the night away on weary and worn feet.

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3 wedding tips for happy feet:


  1. Test your shoesTall wedding shoe
    Wear your shoes around your house. Buy your shoes at least a month in advance of your wedding, and put them to the test. I recommend that my students practice their first dance in their shoes. Try them on at the end of your day when your feet are tired and swollen. This will give you a good idea of how they will feel at the end of your wedding day. By doing this in advance, (like a dress rehearsal) you will know what to expect, and have time to make any adjustments (or new purchases) in advance of your wedding.
  2. Bring two pairs of shoes. Kitten heal wedding shoe
    If you can’t live without your killer heels, wear them down the aisle, and bring a backup pair of comfortable shoes for the reception. The change of shoes can perk you up as you bust a move dancing at your reception. (I personally did this at my wedding. It made all the difference!)
  3. Limit your height
    High heels are designed to show off your calf, but in your floor length wedding gown, no one will see your leg line. Go for 2.5 inch heels down to Flats. Flats with good support will keep you feeling fabulous. Kitten heels are Flat Wedding shoecute and still will have less of an impact on your back, knees and ankles. On dancing with the stars they use 2.5 inch heals for maximum movement in a fashionable shoe.

Armed with these tips you can dance with happy feet now and forever.

Wedding dance Special

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