5 Notable Colorado Dragons

5 Notable Colorado Dragons

“Deep in the forest, dragons will be.”- Natalie singing Dragon song in the 2016 “Pete’s Dragon.”
I love to explore. Many of my travels are deep into the forests of Colorado. Just like Pete, I have found dragons. I have made a list of the 5 most notable Colorado dragons and where to find them.
dragon-castle-bishop's castle

5 Notable Colorado Dragons

  1. Dragon Castle dragon-castle-bishop's-Castle

    Bishop’s Castle, also known as the dragon castle, is buried in the San Isabel national forest on state highway 165. This one man wonder features a fire breathing dragon head at its crown. Roadside America describes it as, “one man’s massive-obsessive labor of medieval fantasy construction” Jim Bishop began construction in 1969 and slowed down when he was diagnosed with cancer in 2014. It can be found at 12705 Colorado 165, Rye, CO 81069 bishopcastle.org/

  2. dragon-st-georgeThe Dragon & St George the Dragon slayer dragon-st-george-2

    Nestled in the Gunnison National Forrest on the road into Crested Butte, stands a 15’ chrome dragon battling the medieval knight St. George. This massive duo was created by Sean Guerrero, an industrial welder turned sculptor. He is rumored to have been inspired during his trips to the Bordeaux region of France. The Dragon and Knight can be found at 719 5th Street Crested Butte, Colorado USA 81224
    Note: St George and the Dragon is a legend where a Knight saves a princess from being sacrificed to a dragon.  In Christian history, St. George was a roman soldier who refused to kill Christians, thereby forfeiting his life. He is the patron saint of England and represents the battle of Christianity with pagan ideas.

  3. 10-roses-dragon-210-roses-dragon10 roses Dragon, named “Mave”

    Mave stands 18 foot tall. She is carved from a dead tree along Highway 78 on the way to Bishop’s Castle in the San Isabel National Forest, you stumble across the 10 Roses dragon. 10 roses means “you are perfection” and so is this mythical dragon carved by John Clay. He made Mave the happy dragon for Catherine Halcomb, after her trip to china.  Pine Drive used to be a divided road, the tree was in the middle. If you look close, you can still see the old road bed. John used the old tree, plus cottonwood branches for the stems of the three roses at the base. Mave stands guard for all the deer who cross highway 78. Drivers slow down to admire Mave, allowing the deer to cross safely! John Clay can be contacted at 719-485-9605.
    Mave, the ten roses dragon stands in front of a house at 7123 Pine Dr./Hwy 78, Beulah, CO

  4. roof-dragonroof-dragon-2Chinese Roof Dragon

    Adjacent to Pike National Forrest on the roof of the Rustic Mantle Trading Post slinks a Chinese Dragon. His name is Maximillian, but he is fondly referred to as Bad Max. All dragons are hungry, so poised in Max’s mouth is Willard the rat.
    The carver is an ex electrical worker in New Mexico who lost his crew. This artist with no training turned to woodcarving, and produces beautiful woodcarvings in New Mexico, and sells them with a concrete company. Maximillian is located at Rustic Mantle Trading Post 16744 Highway 126 Pine Grove, CO 80470 http://www.rusticmantel.com/

  5. dragon-fountaindragon-fountain-2Dragon Fountain.

    Near Gunnison National Forest in the Ruby of the Rockies, Redstone Castle, the Dragon Fountain plays. Located in the courtyard of this English Tudor styled manor presiding over a marble water basin for watering horses, is the dragon fountain. Originally built in 1897 for coal and steel magnate John Cleveland Osgood, It is located at 58 Redstone Blvd, Redstone, CO 81623-840 redstonecastle.us/


Happy Dragon Hunting!


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