Phantom Wild Goose Ball 2016


Phantom Wild Goose Ball 2016



It was a cold and blustery Saturday night. One by one, masked couples filtered into a lit building for a night of dancing and merriment; the 2016 Wild Goose Ball. The dance floor grew more crowded gradually, as more and more mysterious pairs gathered there. They filed into lines for the beginning march and paraded in great winding loops around the crowded floor as the orchestra picked up a tune. As the songs shifted, so did the partners, each masked figure finding a new person to join them in the next dance.

Ribbons and Roses

If you saw a person wearing a gold ribbon, it was an invitation for you to ask them to dance. Very few dancers were found without a ribbon. As they danced, the ballroom became a moving gallery of new and different masks ranging from hand-crafted to store bought. As unique as each mask was the costume of its wearer. After a period of dancing, the music stopped so the couples could once again line up. This time, to be judged for the costumes they were wearing.


Exhausted from the constant dancing, the crowd retreated to the cool night air outside or to the banquet room for all sorts of goodies for a brief intermission. The tables inside were lined with sumptuous trays of food waiting to be eaten. Guests with plates covered the many couches in the room, eating their spoils. The women of Adventures in Dance wore historically accurate gowns that puffed around them as they sat to eat their food.













After the food break, the couples came back to the floor to see who had won the costume competition.  Our very own Holly and Craig were awarded the best costumes competition. Everyone cheered at the winners of the competition. As the music resumed, so did the dancing. It continued late into the night until all the guests filtered out into the cold night just as they had come.



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