2016 Littleton Pumpkin Follies and Goat Show

Pumpkin Follies

Thurs20161013_165324day, O20161013_165336ctober 13th, Adventures in Dance teamed up with Cindy Hathaway of Western Welcome Week and Rich Petrone of Hard Charging Homes to construct a masterpiece. Made from only Pumpkins and gourds, they constructed a hand-painted fair princess, and a handsome knight beneath a towering mother dragon.  Then, after a hard night’s work, left their masterpiece outside the Reinke Brother’s parking lot for the following day’s judging.













Bright and early, armed with doughnuts and flowers, Holly and I came to admire our masterpiece. While waiting, we wandered around seeing all the other painted pumpkins. There were a variety of round characters decorating Main Street, from the Disney Cast, to witches and their cauldrons. Nearby Grandpa’s attic, stood an impressive display of monsters and mad science.

















We returned to our own pole, and waited patiently for the judging to begin. Soon enough, judges in full garb, white powdered wigs and all, made their way to examine our pole. Holly leapt into a tale of Princess Aurora and Prince Phillip, while all around the pole the small crowd we had acquired popped party poppers. It was a fun morning.



















Sadly, the Adventures in Dance pumpkin pole did not win first place. Instead, in that space, stood the monstrously amazing pole of Grandpa’s Attic. However, we proudly took third place with our fantastic pole. Already, Holly is bubbling about the possibilities for next year’s pole. Only time will tell what fantastic pole we will construct next year.

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