Real Life Rocking the Reception

Rocking the Reception

Real Life Rocking the ReceptionTroy and Jen rocking reception

I teach hundreds of couples to dance for their wedding each year, but I do not attend them all. Occasionally I will be contracted to teach at one of my student’s weddings, a pleasure I had recently. Troy and Jennifer asked me to teach dances to the guests at their wedding. I took their wedding from great to amazing.

Troy and Jen were smarter than the average couple. They started learning to dance 9 months in advance of their wedding. They worked on a foxtrot mash up to “The Wedding Song” by Matthew Mole and “Fly me to the Moon” by Frank Sinatra. Then they practiced until they were comfortable enough to do their dance in their sleep.

Father-Daughter Mother-Son Wedding DanceJen’s family did not want to sit this one out. Her parents learned to foxtrot for the parent’s dance. Jennifer’s sister Jessica learned a variety of reception dances. Then Troy’s mom came in to work on the mother son dance. They were committed to rocking out at the reception.

The wedding day was perfect; not a cloud in the sky. The ceremony was outside and not a moment was missed. While Troy and jen rock their reception with a first dancethe wedding party took pictures, I took the guests inside for cocktails and dance lessons. I warmed them up with some easy salsa dances like the merengue and the bachata. As family was coming in from photos I taught a foxtrot and a swing.

First Dance

After dinner Troy and Jen burned the floor with their first dance. Their practice paid off and they nailed their Foxtrot. The parents then joined them on the floor and every one had a great time with the parent’s dance. At the conclusion, I got the guests up and taught the Electric Slide, the Cupid Shuffle, and the Wobble. Guests danced until it was time to send off the bride and groom and make their way home. Dancing brought everyone together to break the ice and rocked this reception.

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