Adventures in Dance Staff honored at the 2016 USA Dance Volunteers ball

Adventures in Dance Staff honored at the 2016 USA Dance Volunteers ballDenver Turnverine dance Chandler

It was a brisk November evening as I drove downtown to the Denver Turnverein for the 2016 USA Dance Volunteers Ball. I was accompanied by my longtime student, Melvin Marcusson. We were cheerfully greeted at the door and checked in.

Volunteer Ball

Once in, we were treated to a cheese and cracker buffet with coffee and tea service. We took our appetizers and found a free table, and went to the bar for a drink. At 6:30pm it was announced that the dinner buffet line was open. We were treated to Caesar Salad, roasted vegetables, chicken Marsala, and bread.

At dinner’s conclusion, the 2016 volunteers were acknowledged. The old USA dance board was thanked for their service, and the new board was introduced. ThenMelvin at the Denver turnverine ballroom dance the DJ was ready to start the dancing with Ballroom music.


A dessert bar was laid out as dancers took to the floor. Cha-cha’s, rumbas, and waltzes rang out as dancers clamored to fill the floor. Dancers made the most of the dance floor until 9:30pm. By 10pm, the crowd had started to pack up their shoes and had thinned out. We grabbed out coats and headed home having danced so hard we had worn out our shoes.

This was a great winter event.

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