Dancing Princesses visit fellow dancer at Lutheran Hospital for Christmas

Dancing Princesses visit fellow dancer at Lutheran Hospital for Christmasaurora-and-mulan-with-shayao

On Thursday, December 22,  Mulan, Aurora, and Snow White went to Lutheran Hospital to visit Shayao. Shayao was featured in Chinese Dragon Dance for the historically accurate cartoon princess dances. So, when she had to go in for surgery, her fellow princesses stepped up to the plate and gussied up to visit her.

Meeting early Thursday morning, our princesses grabbed their costumes up to look their best, hugged orphaned kittens, and headed to the hospital singing Christmas carols. At the hospital, they hugged a sweet service dog on the way up to check on Shayao. Mulan, Aurora, and Snow White brought cheer everywhere they went, snow-white-and-shayaoand shared hugs with everyone.

On the way downstairs, Mulan, Aurora, and Snow White stopped to hug the hospital volunteers at the main desk. They then went over to the Lutheran division of Children’s hospital and hugged the staff there as well. On the way out, the princesses happily took photos with patrons in the parking lot.  They are looking forward to going back to the hospital to share the love of dance.

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