Dancing off the Clock at the Denver Botanic Gardens 2017

Dancing off the Clock at the Denver Botanic Gardens 2017Victorian Ballroom Dancers

Would you love to travel back in time? Dancing at the Denver Botanic Gardens for their “Off the Clock Vintage Victorian Night” is your ticket back in time. From Vintage Victorian Dances, tours of the historic greenhouse, Victorian crafts, to performances by the Legendary Ladies.


As you enter from the frosted street, kind door staff greet you warmly. To your right is the Boettcher Memorial Tropical Conservatory with docents to answer your questions about the gardens. Past the conservatory is Marnie’s Pavilion where you find Socialite photo Booth and fantasy orchids. In Orangery cloud 9 Strings play near a place for you to answer Victorian trivia.


From the entrance, if you chose to go straight ahead, more adventures await. In Gates Garden people busy themselves creating many court craft activities, including  Broaches and Victorian coloring. Amidst all this, the Legendary Ladies performed their “unconventional Women of the West.”


I spent the evening, in Mitchell Hall. There you could find music and dance. At the door, Victorian greeters announced your name as you entered. On the stage the Denver Brass played Waltzes, Polkas, Foxtrots and Tangos.Victorian ladies Denver Botanic Gardens

Dance Lesson

Holly and William from Adventures in dance did vintage Victorian dance performances and Victorian dance lessons. Their performance included the Slow Waltz to Edelweiss, the Victorian country dance, the Queen’s Waltz to the Blue Danube, the Bohemian Polka to Fuerfest! Polka Françoise, the Viennese Waltz to Weiner Blut, the Victorian dance, the Portland, to the Portland Fancy, and the Tango to La Cumparsita. For the first lesson, they taught the Victorian Hesitation Waltz, and the second lesson was a Victorian Polka.

Costume Contest

Between lessons Holly and William judged the costume contest. It was divided up for gentlemen, ladies, and couples.  Tiebreaker rounds were necessary do to the abundance of good costumes. Everyone looked amazing.


The Denver Botanic Gardens did an outstanding job. There was a great variety of activities to allow you to experience the Victorian era. This was a grand event to be a part of.

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